Winning shot announced…

And the winner is…

photo number 12!  This was one was almost overlooked and not even added to the contest.  After going back through all the photos we realized this one was missed and we added it last minute before publishing the final post.

With every answer that people wrote we fell more and more in love with each photo.  I will definitely be keeping the answers as great reminders to why these photos should be cherished.

So with the winning shot being number 12 – we had to also then pick the best answer that also chose number 12 as their choice.  SO – Stacy Boron’s answer was the winner.  I think she can appreciate the shot extra as she and Kevin honeymooned at the same resort.  Stacy – hopefully the photo you choose will bring you back to your honeymoon – the smell of the ocean air, the feel of the soft sand between your toes, the peacefulness in your mind, and the love in your heart.  Here’s what she had to say…

“I love them all but I think #12 is my fav. It captures Jamaica’s beautiful sunrise/sunset and what’s a beach without palm trees. It will remind you how beautiful the view was from the beach! I have a feeling every time you walk by the picture your mind will take you back to when you and Roger where in paradise.April 21, 2010 – 11:07 am”

When I get the shot printed I will of corse take a photo of it and share it!!  Thank you for taking us back to paradise!

Now… the bad news is that I personally lost a bet.  If the photo chosen was one of my shots – I got to write the part 3 installment of “What photographers do on vacation” and if the photo chosen was one of Roger’s shots, HE got to write it.  Roger did indeed photograph the winning shot folks, so prepare yourself.  No – seriously.  I’ve been fearing the day this man gets free run of our blog.  I’m frightened.  I’m sweating.  And I’m nervous that he will share all of my quirks and bad habits for all the world to see.  However, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.  Stay tuned.  (or run for your life)

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