Whitney & Tony {married}

Whitney and Tony are amazing people.  There is a million other ways to describe them, but all the words we could use would derive from amazing.  So it makes us extra sad that we didn’t get to spend more time with this couple other than their wedding day.  If you don’t recognize this couple from their engagement session post it’s because we were not fortunate enough to do one for them, which means we didn’t get to share their love story.  But a story this good needs to be shared, so enjoy Whitney & Tony’s wedding day and the story that brought them there! …

They met in high school. They were in the band and saw one another often during and after school.  There were plenty of group dates they both attended and lots of events they were both involved in, and one summer before their Junior year, they began dating.  They enjoyed long walks, swimming, miniature golfing, bowling, movies, and video games.  And through the years of doing ordinary things together, something extraordinary happened… they fell in love.  And that loved withstood separation during college, studying instead of dates, and when Tony began working for the fire department, it withstood dates being cancelled last minute to respond to a fire call.

3 weeks before she would graduate with her Master’s degree and a few days after her birthday, Tony took Whitney for a peaceful walk around town.  Upon arriving back at his house, Whitney sat and talked to Tony’s mom and played with his dog.  She realized he was taking a long time inside and just as she was ready to go look for him, he popped his head out and told her he had another birthday present for her.   Handing her a Easter basket, she opened egg after empty egg, to finally come to an egg with a beautiful engagement ring inside.  He asked her to enjoy spend the rest of her life with him and enjoy all those ordinary days – as well as the extraordinary ones by his side.

Enjoy one of Whitney and Tony’s most extraordinary days…

Whitney is SUCH a sweet, kind, lovable girl.  She’s so innocent and gorgeous it makes your heart melt!  Her happiness radiated from her on her wedding day, and she was completely stunning.Tony – there is not enough good things we could say about him.  He is beyond charming and thoughtful, so down to Earth and endearing.  He asked us several times if we needed any help carrying our equipment, needed a water, if there was anything he could do to help us on HIS wedding day.  We were blown away by how thoughtful he was to make sure we were accommodated and taken care of while he was being pulled a million different directions and rightfully could have only been thinking of himself.  His thoughts are always with others, and luckily he has an amazing group of friends, family, and an equally amazing new wife to appreciate his kindness.Whitney & Tony did whatever anyone asked of them for photos or for their video by Peace Love Productions, and even though it was blazingly hot and humid – they sat on these RR tracks and just had a great time being together.  Their love is visible in everything they do!

Whitney & Tony – we could not adore the two of you more.  You are such a great example to people how to treat others, how to treat family, and how to treat the person you will spend forever with.  We cannot say enough great things about you both, and want you to know how thankful we are to have spent your wedding day with you.  Your love and character are truly inspirational.


Be sure to check out the incredible Same Day Edit of tWhitney & Tony’s day by Tara and Kelsi of Peace Love Productions.  There was not a dry eye at the reception and it still gives me chills!!


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Amanda - Love this wedding! They do look like an amazingly elsewhere couple. And I love all of the colors. Great job!!!

Amber Missey - Your pictures are amazing…absolutely love all of them…you two look so cute together and so happy…congrats once again1!!


Theresa - I am Whitney’s aunt and just want to say they are a beautiful couple. They are great to each other and others they encounter. There love is a perfect example of what God intended love to be!

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