Whitney & Seth {Wedding Day}

Whitney knocked it out of the park with her green shoes!!  LOVED it!

Before you get all Cubs bashing on Whitney, you should know that she is a Cards fan.  It’s Seth that likes the Cubs.  (Enter your boos and hisses here)

Whitney – your a drop deap, gorgeous knock out.  But the best part is that you with all that beauty maintain a girl next door charm and you radiate with happiness.  You have “it” and are just adorable.

And Seth… you’re just too handsome.  I think Seth looks a little like Kenny Chesney.  I’ve never seen Seth wear a cowboy hat nor sing, so I can’t be 100%, but you know how Hannah Montana changes out of her blonde wig and no one catches on that she is actually a celebrity?  That’s what I suspect with Seth.  It’s OK “Seth”.  Your secret is safe with me.

I kept calling these birds pigeons.  To which Rog reminded me they were doves and no one releases pigeons on their wedding day.  Anywho… these DOVES were stressing me out because for those of you who don’t know – dove releases can be sketchy.  You can get pooped on, they could peck you, and photography wise you can either miss the shot and fail miserably, or by the stroke of luck…

you can nail it.

I think we just found a new wall portrait.  STUNNING!

So did you know they have truck limos?  Kenny Chesney would SO arrive to the CMA’s in a truck limo.  More proof Seth is an alias and he may actually be Kenny Chesney.

Whitney’s daddy loves his daughter like every daddy should.  She has been blessed with AWESOME parents.

Whitney & Seth – we go to weddings pretty often, and we see lots of amazing events.  There was no question when walking away from your wedding day that you both are extremely and utterly adored by others.  Your relationships with each other and with your family and friends is based on a unfaltering friendship that is strong beyond belief.  We admire your character, and respect your love.  We were so thrilled to celebrate your beginning with you and look forward to seeing your love prosper throughout the years knowing that with the good and the bad, and the ups and with the downs… it’s all part of the experience, honey.  😉

Be sure to check out Whitney & Seth’s video to see more!!!

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Deanna Meffert - Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures… here’s to FOREVER!!!!! Luv ya Whitney & Kenny Chesney too LOL….

karin - HAHAHA! Love the Kenny Chesney comment Deanna!!

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