Whitney & Seth {Engaged}

Whitney “knew of” Seth during high school.  Seth can recount every time he saw Whitney and what she was wearing during high school.  But before you start filing a restraining order, it gets more juicy.  Years later Seth found Whitney on Facebook.  He’d been waiting for the right time to connect with her, and since both of them had just ended long term relationships – it seemed as though this may have been the right time.  According to Whitney – it wasn’t.  Nor was it the right time for him to then text her after finding out her number.  But it must have been a little right, because they continued to talk and catch up.  And as the talking continued an interest formed.  And on November 23rd, 2008 – they had their first date.  In Washington DC.  When Seth picked Whitney up from the airport.  Where her parents were I just don’t know because she knew nothing about him except for what she vaugley remembered from high school and what she’d learned of him since via the internet.  But she was never going to know if she didn’t try – so trusting her heart and ignoring her head – Whitney went to spend time with, and get to know her future husband.

The next December Whitney & Seth went out for a wonderful dinner and came back to Seth’s house to watch a movie.  Whitney remembers how beautiful the place looked with the Christmas tree lights and candles lit.  Seth whispered to Whitney “Would you like to open a early Christmas present?”  Knowing that Seth can never keep a secret and that she may as well say yes – she said OK to his request.  She untied the black and white polka dot bow, on opened the red patent leather box.  Seth was laready down on one knee, but oblivious to what was going on – Whitney just thought he wanted to sit on the floor.  When she looked at the scarf and the matching gloves with an engagement ring on the ring finger of the glove she began to sob.  It was everything she could have imagined and more.

The two look forward to next June when the pastor will declare them husband and wife, and that being the begining of a family and happiness and the mountains of life that they will be climbing hand in hand… together.

Enjoy Whitney & Seth’s Engagement Session!

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Tori - Whit and Seth- such wonderful pictures capturing a lovely couple!! AMAZING photos! Love them all and can’t wait to see the rest! I’m so honored to be a part of your special day and can’t wait to celebrate with you guys! Love you! 🙂

Emma - I love these!!!

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