What photographers do on vacation – Part one

I realize you just were stricken with a overwhelming rush of goosebumps when you read the words “Part One” – inferring that there would be several installments of our riveting vacation photos.  If Ambien doesn’t help your sleep – brace yourself for part two and three.

Surprisingly – we do actually get numerous requests to see photos from our vacations.  I post some on my Facebook page, but people know that I still have the good ones set aside to share upon request.  So after an out pouring of requests (you 5 people are just the best!) we decided to whip out some photos from our recent vacation to Negril, Jamaica.  Cue the lights.

My husband decided to buck up and do the romantic dinner on the beach.  This was the one thing I secretly (if secretly means dropping hints daily and basically making the reservation myself) wanted from this vacation.  And look – isn’t that romantic?  It was so “The Bachelor” excluding the heavy petting, rose anticipation, and overall cheesiness.  I started with this photo because from here on out there is no dramatic, romantic interactions between us to bore you with.  Despite the fact that we are in love – we aren’t romantic.  We enjoy a burger and people watching more than being fancy on the beach.  We are dorks.  And I love that about us.  We’ll let you all take care of the romance, well just be there to document it.  (and maybe on the way home discuss your bachelor best man that fired on the bridesmaids all day (unsuccessfully), and your drunk Uncle Jessie who spouted out “play some Skynard!!” during the father/daughter dance)

I find this ironic… our room was on the garden where weddings and receptions take place at the resort.  Do you find that crazy?  I do.  Every time I saw someone getting married I felt like we should rush out there with our cameras and photograph it.  Only I was typically in a swimsuit cover-up and bare foot at the time.  Which, let’s be honest – would be odd.

The resort had a full blown buffet dinner on the beach one evening.  We – being the nerds we are – enjoyed photographing the event almost as much as the food.  Almost…

And finally  – in case you thought I was exaggerating when I revealed our level of nerdy-ness… what do photographers do on a tropical island vacation?  Make friends with people who agree to let you photograph them.  Yes folks, we offered up our services to the willing.  Because that is how we roll.

We only choose cute people though.  We are particular nerds.

This group of friends were there to celebrate their ten year anniversaries.  (again – ironic)  They were the cutest group of people you ever did meet and it was so fun to get to photograph them.

Tomorrow I’ll continue to share what photographers do on vacation with a little surprise twist!  (I know – goosebumps again!)

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Laura - You are too funny! You and your camera are one of a kind..gotta love it!

Sherree Schneider - Karin…your cute quotes for each of the photo’s are about has fun to read as the pictures are to look at. I find myself…laughing, then going awwwww when I see the next photo. It’s like I’m on an emotionally rollercoaster….so much fun! Awwww….ohhhhhh…..ahhhhhh….ha ha ha ha….awwwwww….ohhhhh….ha ha ha. You get the idea. LOL

Sherree Schneider - See…I’m so confused from the emotions that I made mistakes in my spelling above…that should have been “as” not Has…and emotional…not emotionally. I even proof-read it before posting, and still missed the spelling errors. It must be from all the goosebumps I have waiting for your next installment. It’s like waiting for the new Twilight Eclipse movie to come out, I’m on pins and needles here. LMAO

Karin - Thanks for joining me on the ride! It’s a joy to get to share it! I’m sure not everyone shares in my sense of humor, but I’m not writing it for them anyway am I? Life is too short to not have some fun! I’m glad you’re having fun with me!

Amanda Zika - Oh I love all of these. It reminds me that I am long due for a vacation. This place looks perfect! But I am like you, the hamburgers and people watching are just so appealing but being romantic every once in a while definitley adds spark to a marriage 🙂

Stacy Boron - wow this place looks familiar 😉 We should have postponed our honeymoon so we could have gone with you!

Ashley Timmermann - I sure hope you got their email addresses to sahre those AWESOME pictures w/ them! They will be ‘framers’ forSURE!!!

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