What photographers do on vacation – Part 3

Hi.  I’m Roger.  You hear about me from time to time when Karin makes up stories about me.  I read about things I did or said after the fact and never get to stand up for myself.  And she puts photos of me on Facebook that I don’t like.  I get to write on the blog today because I won a bet.  Do you smell that?  That’s the sweet smell of revenge.

For those who were really wondering what photographers do on vacation – the best was saved until last.  I don’t know about what other photographers do on their vacations, but this is what I did.  Right or wrong – I had a good time in Jamaica.

I start with this photo because it was the first photo taken.  AND if you want to keep from having a heart attack on the shuttle ride from the airport to the resort – you’ll need one of these.  Or 6.

When you go to Jamaica you’ll meet several people who want to sing you a song – or sell you something.  This man will sing you a song, or sell you his “special brownies”.  You don’t want his special brownies.  I smelled them baking one morning while on a walk.  They don’t smell good.  They don’t smell like brownies at all.

This lady was running away from the brownie guy.

I was told to write a caption for each photo.  This is a cool plant.  Sorry – I am not good at captions.I like different angles.  I thought this one should have been included in the contest, but “the Boss Lady” didn’t like it.  Since the winning shot was taken by your’s truly… I think she was wrong.
Lizards.  An award winner I think.
Every time we went by these fish Karin would make an awful noise like someone was singing because she said the fish look like they were opera singers.  Yes.  She IS odd.  the fish were cool though.This guy must have gotten into my suitcase and borrowed my clothes. 

Karin says this is one of those photos that tell a story.  I personally think the story is my wife shops too much.I went to where we had dinner on the beach while Karin got ready and took photos of our table.  When she tells you I’m not romantic, she lies.I think I missed my calling.
This photo looks pretty good for a Wal-Mart underwater camera.

We took a catamaran cruise.  I guess if you miss the boat you can take this budget cruise.  Call your family though – you may not be coming back.You may want to get any small children or those with weak hearts away from the computer.  The photos you are about see may be graphic to some and disturbing to most.  For myself – it was one of the highlights.  We call him

Banana Hammockand if you think the view is good from the front!  You must check out the party in the back…

This is a killer photo of Karin isn’t it?  Look at the guy on the left of the photo leaning around the tree to try to see if he’s really seeing what he thinks he’s seeing.

Banana Hammock also had a blue one.  And a green.  But the pink one is what I call “fearless”

I don’t know how people live without photographers.  Self portraits are hard to do.  But this photo is one of my favorites.  Karin will complain because she has on no makeup and she’ll say her hair is a mess.  But I think we just look happy – and that is what vacations are all about.

Thank you for letting me share my photos from our trip!  I have a lot more photos to share from weddings and shoots that you don’t see and plenty of stories to tell.  They are very entertaining and just like Banana Hammock – very revealing.  I’ll show you them the next time Karin loses the bet!

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Dawn Devall - Roger, Daphne will love this! She loves your Through Rogers Lens scction! Karin, you didn’t tell me you went topless!

Ruth Gierer - Roger, you did a fine job! Very entertaining! Karin…give him a break…have a little faith in the one you love!

Ashley Bywater - I just have one question…what was the bet? 🙂

Karin - The bet was on the post before this one… if the photo that one the contest was taken by Roger – he got to post his favorite photos and write the blog. If I won – I wrote it. #12 was taken by Roger. He won. He wanted to only post the guy in the thong. He REALLY liked him.

Karin - won – not one

Amanda Zika - I knew when I saw that Roger was going to be posting it was going to be good and I was right. I knew he would have some great people watching photos. Those might be the best yet.

And Roger, I think National Geographic will be calling soon – about the Lizard and nudity pics 🙂

Laura Ranger - Too Funny…I laughed out loud reading the posts. 🙂 Great and colorful pictures…love to people watch! You did a great job Roger.

Jessica Plocher - HILARIOUS! Well done!

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