Web Hosting Changes

Oh yes, another boring post.  I promise – I plan to make up for these last few with an AWESOME wedding on Monday.  However until then – bare with me.

I wanted to make everyone aware of a recent development.  (No, no one is pregnant, sick, or moving.)  While our 2010 and 2011 weddings have been notified, I think it’s important for anyone else who possibly may have drifted here to look at friends and family’s photos that I update you on some changes.

This is the cliffnotes version as to keep everyone from falling asleep –

Our web hosting is where all the photos from a wedding go so friends, family, and stalkers can go view them.  They are on our website under RECENT SESSIONS.  In the past we have put ALL of the photos that go on the bride and groom’s disc online.  Yes, even the pics of their veggie tray.  Because of some recent changes with our web hosting provider – ALL of the photos won’t be going online anymore.  We will be needing to limit what we put up as well as make their file sizes smaller.

What does that mean?

Smaller File Sizes – Some of our images can be up to 60mb in size.  Yeah, that’s big.  So the size has to come down.  All that means basically is that a 30×40 image won’t be available for you to purchase online.  FYI – I’ve never sold a 30×40 image on the web hosting.  And if someone would like one – contact me directly and I will send it to you.  Basically we are going to make the largest size available 11×14 so we can size the photos accordingly.

*This does NOT mean the client’s photos on their disc will change.  They will be full size and available to make a billboard from if they want to.  And if they do – call me because I’ve GOT to see this!

Less Photos – Yeah, we take a boatload of photos.  Like usually 2,000 or more.  We edit them down – but even at half that’s still alot of photos.  What we will now need to do is upload the “most important photos”.  More than the highlights, but probably not the shot we took of the celery on the buffet.  The categories that will be cut dramatically are the ones that no one would buy from or care about.  For instance – Details, Getting Ready, First Glance & Ceremony.  We will cut back on the Reception shots as this is our largest category most often, but the photos of guests we will make sure we leave on.

*This does NOT mean client’s disc will change.  ALL of the photos will be on their disc.  So they can’t print that photo of the celery AND print it billboard size!  Aren’t they lucky!?

So when you go to the web hosting next time and notice that there are 300 photos instead of over 1000 – you’ll know that we aren’t just being stingy!  The photos still exist.  Our favorites will still be right here – on the blog.  So don’t forget to keep an eye out!

And just for good measure… vegetable photos!!IMG_6787IMG_6788Never can have too many photos of food can ya?

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Amanda Zika - Ha, ha! Print those carrot sticks billboard size!

Katie V - Those look like our veggies!!

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