Victoria & Aaron {wedding story}

Some days are pretty, and some days are so beautiful your heart skips a beat.  That was definitely the case the day Victoria and Aaron were married.  Sun shining, birds chirping, and love.  Lots of love.

Victoria and Aaron designed the wedding day of their dreams, and it all came together in a perfect way.  Enjoy their beautiful wedding day!


Victoria and Aaron had a gorgeous first look on top the Hyatt Regency downtown St.Louis.  va_004va_005

These two are just so lovely!


Victoria has some gorgeous girlfriends that adore her! Emily Miller did an amazing job with their beautiful looks!


How lucky are we to have such an attractive group to spend a day with!?!va_015va_016va_017va_018va_019va_020va_021va_022

Another day at the Coronado Ballroom + a slice of heaven.  Perfection in every way!va_023va_024

The ceremony at the Coronado was exquisite.  Such a romantic vibe.va_025va_026va_027va_028va_029va_030

and then they opened up the ballroom and WOW… speechless


Victoria and Aaron your wedding day was an absolute dream!!  Every aspect and every detail left us speechless.  Between the glow of the sunshine, and the love that was visible in every moment of the day, the day was filled with warmth and delight.  Thank you for allowing us to capture every moment of it.

For more of this gorgeous day check out the slideshow below!

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