Vanessa & Brad {Wedding Day}

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Will attend ceremony; we don’t like cake – only bubbles.

Will attend both!  We love cake and bubbles!

Will attend reception; we don’t like bubbles – cake tastes better.

Will not attend ceremony or reception; bubbles are messy and we like pie.

Upon receiving Vanessa & Brad’s invite with this as their response card, I knew it was going be an amazing day.

Not only are Vanessa and Brad insanely good looking, faithfully in love, amazing people, and a joy to be around – they are quirky and like to break the rules a bit.  A true match for myself because although I’m not a big rule breaker – artistcally I want someone who is going to break all the rules and really want something unique.  And this day – was unique.  And I mean that as the highest compliment.

Enjoy Vanessa & Brad’s wedding.


Vanessa is drop dead gorgeous.  She has a distinct look that she OWNS.  I could photograph her all day – every day.


Brad is quiet and handsome.  Very much a gentleman.  Very much the bomb.010


What do you get when you have a remarkably attractive couple, a wedding party of 4 total, the couple opting for a first glance, and 4 hours of photography time on a 60 degree Novemeber day?

Wickedly fly photos…
Hands down my favorite.  I love this photo more than my Old Navy slipper boots.

Totally wowza.


First of all – how awesome is this cake topper?  I had a little heads up about it and was pretty stoked to see it.  The resemblance of this is UNREAL!

Second of all – A cream horn cake and apple cider to toast with.  A wedding with personality is such a joy to see.  I love when couples incorporate their own flair on their wedding day.  I love traditions too, but it’s the unique details that gives a wedding day spark and makes it memorable.




Vanessa & Brad – your day is a day we will never forget.  I looked forward to it all year, and now that the big day has came and went I adore the fact that we have awesome photos and video to remember how amazing your wedding day was.  Your sense of style, sense of humor, and true love is – like H1N1 – infectious.  I can’t imagine a cooler couple or cooler wedding.  I can’t wait to photograph your kids!

Special thanks to Dawn for assisting – thanks for providing great photos and a crazy amount of laughter.  Who knew that powdered sugar on cream horns could make a person choke?

All of Vanessa & Brad’s photos will be up Friday!

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Amanda Zika - Oh wow! This couple has some style! Every part of this wedding is fabulous and unique. And of course the Karin, Roger and Dawn captured every little detail. Karin, I love that photo better than your O.N. slippers too! P.S. don’t let the slippers know 😉

Dawn Devall - It should be illegal to be that beautiful! And the best part about it that makes her even more beautiful is that she doesn’t know it! Awesome wedding!! Everything about the day was perfect! Karin and Roger, i need to carry extra pants for now on, I think I almost needed them after you choking on the creme horn….
These pictures are PERFECT again of COURSE!!!!!!

T Bran - What a beautiful day for them – and beautiful photos for them to enJOY for the rest of their life together. They should be extremely thrilled with them.

clary - I hardly know what to do with myself and those colors!! Love the gray and orange plus the details shots…they are perfection:)

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