Trisha & Ryan {engaged}

“Hello.  Nice to meet you.” She said upon meeting Ryan in passing at Lucas Park Grill in St.Louis.  He knew he wanted more than introductions and pleasantries.  He wanted to know her.  So the very next day when a random number was texting her and asking her out – upon learning it was Ryan, Trisha figured “why not!”.  He didn’t know her favorite food was Mexican, but the fact that he took her to Chava’s Mexican Restaurant was definitely a plus.  They talked about family, friends, work, and extra curricular activities, and things went flawlessly.  Before they knew it, it was time to say goodnight – both hoping for a second date.  And there was a second, and a third, and so on.  Until one day, everything would change…

They’d be planning their trip to Denver Colorado for months.  Ryan would be participating on an 80 miles bike ride through the mountains, and the rest of the time they planned to go zip lining, bicycling, and white water rafting.  A very senic and adventurous trip filled with thrills and excitement.  However Trisha had no idea how much excitement awaited her.  As they walked through the streets in downtown Denver while waiting for the microbreweries to open, Ryan asked her “Are you ready to celebrate?”  After recently getting a new job, she assumed that’s what he was referring to as she asked “Yes!  Wait.  You mean for my new job?”.  As he dropped to one knee he said “And the rest of our lives together.  Will you marry me?”

Trisha happily said yes and they spent the rest of their vacation celebrating before coming home to celebrate more with family and friends.

The celebration continues as the two say their “I dos” next summer in Hermann MO.

Enjoy a few favorites from their engagement session!!!

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Trisha - Love, love, love these! Karin and Roger – you did an amazing job once again! Thank you!!!

Matthew S. Wolk - WOW!, Great pics! Shooter, love the shirts…

katie jenkins - I love them all, especially the ones where they (ryan) was laughing. You really captured their happiness. Fantastic shots!

Cambrin Loepker - Love them all!! Especially the bikes! What a cute idea!

john wachter - As Ryan’s Uncle I have to agree with Trisha that these are outstanding pictures. They are an outstanding couple which make for outstanding photos as well.

Kate Frerker - You both look so happy and Trisha you just keep getting prettier!What a great photographer you have.Love all the natural settings.

Eric Tonnies - Great pics really shows ALL the love.What a great photographer!!!

Danielle Mazander - What fantastic pictures, of a beautiful couple! My sister is H-O-T! 🙂 Karin and Rog, you two are awesome, I am so excited to party with you 6-7-13!

Tim Armstrong - Pictures are great!!! But, as his godfather, I want to know why Ryan is riding a GIRL’s bike?

Norma Mazander - what awesome picture . . . love the bikes!!!

Linda Huelsmann - Amazing photos!! You two look so beautiful and so Happy! Love It!

Kayla Vonder Haar - Aww Trisha you look absolutely gorgeous!!!

Elma Garrison - Love these! Bikes=super cute idea. My favorite is the last one where you see more of Trisha and less of Ryan:) jk.

grace - The pics are so cute! My brother is such a lucky guy!

Megan Wilson - Love these photos! One of my favorite couples!

Elaine Behrmann - Hi Trisha! Pictures are awesome! So happy for both of you! Kelsey and Justin had the same photograpgher and their photos were awesome too!

Aunt Elaine

Kayla Albers - Awesome pictures Trisha and Ryan. I love all of them!!

Kelsey Behrmann - Karin and Roger awesome photos again! I love the bikes! Congrats Trisha and Ryan!

Amy Edwards - The pictures turned out great!! Trisha, you look gorgeous! Ryan doesn’t look too bad either. 🙂

Crystal - I absolutely LOVE everything about these pictures! You guys make a great couple! Can’t wait til the big day!!! 🙂

Callie - They all turned out GREAT! Awesome work again by Karin and Roger!

Jayme Crowder - Great pics guys! Of course you had to find a way to be active in your photos….i.e. riding bikes.

Pam Starzyk - Beautiful pics! Luv them all!

Shantel Roberts - LOVE the photos…very cute!!!!

Loren Carpenter - Fantastic photos! Love the colors and the energy. Can’t wait to see you at the game next month!

Amy Petterson - Trisha you look beautiful! You are going to be a stunning bride!! LOVE YOU GIRLIE

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