Torrie and Brad {wedding story}

A couple that laughs together – stays together.  And if that is true, it’s just one more thing that proves that Torrie and Brad are destined to be together forever.  This couple exudes such a complete, deeply connected, radiant connection that is filled with humor, and love.  There is certainly something special about Torrie and Brad’s relationship, but our favorite thing is the way they laugh together.  The way they make you feel happier just by being around them.  They are both so laid-back.  They are so loving to one another’s family, and are truly best friends.  We absolutely LOVE their love.

This wedding day in late November was filled with sunshine just as warm as the couple.  Although it was a bit blustery, they rolled with the punches and there was never a stressful moment.  We had the joy of working with the talented videographers Rachel and Garren of R&G Photography, and the entire day we spent laughing and in delight of what a perfect day it was.

Enjoy Torrie and Brad’s wedding!!
tbtensixteen001tbtensixteen002tbtensixteen003tbtensixteen004Torrie you looked like a super model on your wedding day!  I can’t imagine anything more gorgeous!tbtensixteen005Brad doesn’t enjoy being photographed, but with such a genuine smile it seems crazy to be that he isn’t enjoying himself.  Brad – it’s all a ruse isn’t it?  You secretly model in your spare time don’t you?tbtensixteen006When there’s no where to hide before the ceremony, you get your wolf pack to block. lol.tbtensixteen007tbtensixteen008tbtensixteen009tbtensixteen010tbtensixteen011tbtensixteen012tbtensixteen013tbtensixteen014MARRIED!tbtensixteen015tbtensixteen016I’m not sure what this blue fluff is, but it was pretty spectacular for photos. For eyes and hair in 25 mph winds – not so much.tbtensixteen017tbtensixteen018tbtensixteen019tbtensixteen020tbtensixteen021Torrie’s parents are the proud owners of the Dairy Queen in Jerseyville IL, so of course going there for photos was a definite must!!
tbtensixteen022tbtensixteen023tbtensixteen024Seriously Torrie – you are stunning.tbtensixteen025tbtensixteen026That laugh though.tbtensixteen027tbtensixteen029tbtensixteen030tbtensixteen031Between the golden November light and their laughs I am just obsessed. tbtensixteen032tbtensixteen033Perfection.tbtensixteen034tbtensixteen035tbtensixteen036tbtensixteen037I love the way Torrie and Brad incorporated all the different shades of blue into their reception.  So gorgeous.tbtensixteen038Always have been and always will be a HUGE fan of the candy buffet.
tbtensixteen039and cupcakes with DQ soft serve. <3tbtensixteen040tbtensixteen041tbtensixteen042tbtensixteen043tbtensixteen044tbtensixteen045Yep – we caught that unicorn. These two knew we would love a good un-cued forehead to forehead during a first dance.tbtensixteen046tbtensixteen047


Torrie and Brad, there is no doubt about it – we LOVE your love.  Thank you for sharing your day, and your relationship with us.  It was our honor to capture the beginning of your forever and we are so thrilled to know you!!  We are ready for a date of DQ and drinks when you are!  😉

See more of this gorgeous day with the video below!!


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