Tori & Jeff {Wedding Day}

You could feel it on May 28th, 2011.  To say it was in the air is an understatement since it hailed golf ball sized hail and got so dark that you couldn’t tell if it was day or night outside.  But for Jeff and Tori – nothing else mattered.  Today was their wedding day – the day they’d been waiting for.  The day they’d start their journey towards forever.

Enjoy Tori & Jeff’s wedding day!

Alot of times it takes people a bit to warm up in front of the camera.  But on 5/28/11 about 5 minutes after Tori got dressed, I said “Hey Tori, why don’t you stand over by the wall real quick for a shot” and BAM – Tori rocked it straight out the gate.  Borderline Supermodel holla!

Oh quit it you two.   You’re too hot.

Tori – you get the award for most laidback bride award.  Seriously – you have a way with rolling with the punches like no other.  Whatever we suggested you listened to.  Besides being a SMOKING hot bride – we think that is why you radiated on your wedding day.  NOTHING else mattered.

As if nothing else mattered, not another soul existed in this moment when they celebrated becoming man and wife…


Jeff – I hope Tori rubbed your shoulders.  Nothing like making a guy hold a bride in the air for a few minutes.

So before you look at the next photos – we are going to go ahead and add a disclaimer.  A wedding party of 32 would typically make a photographer cringe.  And we will be the first to admit that it’s VERY challenging.  The main thing it can do is take away from the time you have for great photos of the bride and groom and those photos are in our opinion the most important of the day.  HOWEVER… Tori and Jeff compensated for their large and in charge group of friends (Who can say they have 32 close friends?  Most of us are lucky to have 4 GREAT friends.  I’m pretty sure that speaks MAJORLY highly on the couple, don’t you?) is by opting for a first glance.  By Tori & Jeff choosing that route, we were able to take their romatic, calm photos of just the two of them in advance, and then rock the shots of their wedding party in between.  So the disclaimer is this… if you have 32 wonderful friends that you want in your wedding party – OK – consider yourslef lucky to have so many people that you love.  But love your future husband, or wife – as well as your photographer enough to make special time to get the MOST important photos (that’s the ones of the two of you of corse) before hand so you can just kick back and enjoy those people and not be stressed.

Yes, as we mentioned there are 32 people.  32 GOOD LOOKING people.  That doesn’t hurt anything either.  Good looking people always make our job easier!  😉

Jeff!!  What is UP with Abe Lincoln hitting on your girl… AGAIN!!??  I seem to recall him crossing the line on your engagement session as well!  Honest Abe… who knew you were such a ladie’s man?

Our state capitol is SO SO pretty.  (Not to mention Roger’s photos skills as well!)

Roger and I personally ate 20 cookies.  OK – I had 17 of them.  RIDICULOUSLY amazing candy bar filled with YUM!

Tori & Jeff… there is no question how adorable, sweet, and amazing you both are.  We are SO happy to know you and to have been a part of the beginning of your life together and can’t wait to watch you both prosper throughout your journey together!

MUCH love to ya!

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Amanda Zika - Oh how I miss shooting with you and all of your fabulousness! This is one gorgeous day and all that red just makes me smile. It is so classic and will never, ever go out of style. You rocked this wedding for sure!

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