Tori & Jeff {Engaged}

Kent and Abby deserve the credit, really.  They are the two who chose to have Tori & Jeff partnered to walk together at their own wedding in 2008.  The pair immediately hit it off and flirted throughout the festivities.  Before the day was over, Jeff told Abby “I think today is going to be more than just a special wedding day.”  Jeff & Tori didn’t let the feelings from that fateful day subside, and pursued a relationship even though they lived in different states.

Tori had very high expectations as far as her future husband.  “Someone as great as my dad” would be how Tori described her future mate.  After getting to know Jeff and then discovering he and her dad shared the same birthday – Tori took it as a sign. The only thing they continue to differ on is Jeff’s profound love of the Cubs, and Tori’s inability to disregard her impulses to dance wherever and whenever she feels compelled.

After some time of dating, Tori was ready for the next step and one day insisted that if Jeff did not propose to her – she was going to propose to him.  That day was one day before Jeff planned to give Tori the ring he’d been hiding for 6 weeks.  When he got down on one knee that New Year’s Eve, she thought he was joking since she’d just been teasing him about proposing herself, so she got upset and told him it wasn’t funny.  And when he got out the ring and she realized it wasn’t a joke – she was speechless.  Jeff – overwrought with fear after the long moment of silence – blurted out “well at least say something…” to which she exclaimed “YES!!!!!!!”

Tori & Jeff look forward to their wedding next May surrounded by their large and in charge wedding party (10 Bridesmaids, 10 Groomsmen), and their families and friends.  Enjoy their engagement photos!!

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Whitney Clagg - LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! I can’t wait to share in your special day!! You guys are perfect for eachother shy the difference in baseball teams… I know the feeling! Love you guys!!

Jessica Johnson - I Love these pictures.. can’t wait to see more!!! And I can’t wait to be your sister!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

Grammy - Love the pictures. Photographer captured the total essence of love laughter fun and intelligence of two beautiful people.r6eb

Emma Reichert - Your Photos are Beautiful! My favorite just might be the one where you are laying on one another’s shoulders with your eyes closed in those opposing jerseys. I can’t wait for May to come so we can have the best party celebrating to wonderful people 😉 Thank you for choosing me to be apart of your special day!

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