toes in the sand

We will be out of the office until next week.  Incase you need us, we’ll be here…couplesswahammocktopcouplesswatrcouplessweptsubar

When we return I plan to inform you if 2 people can possibly consume enough food and pina coladas to make an all inclusive worthwhile.  Stay tuned ‘mon.

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Ashley Bywater - Have fun! We’ll have toes in the sand again in about 3 months! 😉

Lindsey Lucas - I see how it is….Just rub it in while I’m stuck INDOORS STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Zika - Have a fun and safe trip!!!!! I will admit I am a tad bit jealous 😉 Love ya 🙂

Stacy Boron - I hope you and Rog have as much fun there as we did!!!!!!!

Jessica Plocher - Where did you go in Jamaica? Looks AMAZING!

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