Tiffany & Michael {Engaged}

She noticed him looking at her across the fire pit.  She brushed it off and ignored him.  They kept exchanging glances, but never talked.  When the party was being relocated, he convinced her to ride with him.  She was reluctant, but he was one of those country boys that was proud of his truck…with the big mud tires and shiny rims, new chrome grill, and DVD system in the dash.  She decided she’d go with him – but only if she could drive.  So she jumped right up into the drivers seat and drove to the next location.  When they arrived, she put the truck in park and they started to talk.  Just as the conversation was going really well, out of no where, someone backed into his truck.  6 years later, their friends still joke about how Tiffany wrecked Michael’s truck on their first “date”.

Before Christmas a few years later, Michael told Tiffany he’d had a bad day at work and wanted to go out to St.Louis for dinner to relax.  The pulled up to the Old Spaghetti Factory, and as they walked up Michael casually asked her if she want to go on a carriage ride to look at the Christmas lights.  They cuddled up in the buggie with a blanket and enjoyed the sights.   During the ride, he took an eyelash off her cheek and they made a wish, something they’ve done ever since they started dating. He always wins the eyelash and this time was no different. He asked her if she would make his only wish come true, as he took a box from his coat pocket.  It was by far the sweetest proposal she could have ever dreamed of, and of corse… she said yes!

Tiffany and Michael are planning a snowy (hopefully) February 2012 wedding, and look forward to raising a family in the same little small town they grew up in!

We were fortunate enough to work with Tara and Kelsi from Peace Love Productions the day of Michael & Tiffany’s engagement session.  Incase you haven’t seen their Save The Date videos – they are SO very awesome and timeless!  Tara and Kelsi do an outstanding job and put a ton of effort into making their videos outstanding.  From bringing along Tara’s grandma’s old couch, to surviving the hot buggy day with us – they created the most precious video for these 2!!  Enjoy their Save The Date video as well as their photos!!

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Michelle - When I saw Tara’s video on FB this morning – I was waiting for these pictures – I knew they would be absolutely amazing! I don’t think Tiffany takes anything but gorgeous pictures – but these are incredible! Loved the locations! Great Job!

brittany - What an incredible photo shoot and video… such a gorgeous couple!!! Can’t wait till the wedding!!!!!

Amanda Zika - This made my jaw drop. WOW! all couples should do this. You guys rock!!!! I love it! Love it!

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