Through Roger’s Lens

I swear to you, my husband does not have ADD.  He’s just an avid people watcher.  And if you put a camera with a zoom lens attached in his hands, watch out!  Because if he finds you interesting, he’s snapping a picture of you.  (or if you are a bird or animal he might also try to grab a photo of you. I am pretty certain I don’t have any birds or animals watching the blog, but one never can be sure)  I’m not sure if he is trying to make me laugh when I go through to edit photos or what, but if that’s his goal, it is working.  So, today friends I bring you the first installment of “Through Roger’s Lens… regular happenings, with not so regular people”

This gentleman was doing some sort of meditation, “harnessing his chi” type moves in Forest Park.  On a Sunday.  In the rain.        Yeah, wow.


Apparently this dog is too overweight to walk.  Honestly – all I could think was “I wonder if I got a wagon for these shoots if Roger would pull me around all day?”img_4183

Exact words “Huh, here’s a little bird!”


I actually enjoy these back of my head shots because 1. I can see what my hair looked like that day – answer=bad.  2. I can see how short I am in regards to other people – answer= short.  And 3, I can see how people look at me as I am posing them – answer= like I’m crazy.  (Honest to God, I hardly ever touch someone’s face.  I am not sure what exactly is going on here)


Um, watch out Kim & Nathan – I think your dog stole Roger’s heart.  I have about 20 more of this dog if anyone would like to see them, let Rog know.img_4128

Roger SWEARS this guy doesn’t have pants on.  No judgement.img_3593

He wasn’t exactly sure why he took this picture other than “It’s not every day you take a picture of someone taking a picture in a cammo coat.”   Strangly enough – this is true.


Exact words “Hey babe, did you see that duck?”  I ignored him, so he took a few shots of it.img_3312

Exact Words – and I kid you not… “Oooh Babe, maybe we should rent those sometime.”  I shot him a look that said – well I cannot repeat what it said, but anyway his reply was “What?!?  Think of all the time it would save!”  Did you read the post about not learning to ride my bike until I was 10?  I would seriously be the only human casualty on a Segway.  Fo shizzle.  This woman however was rocking it on the Segway.img_3501Exact words “D’you see that bird?”  I ignored him.  He took a picture of it.

img_4039So stay tuned for the next episode.  Because the next time Roger has a camera with a zoom lens, you can guarantee he will be rocking some pictures of random happeneings.  If you’d like to leave Roger a commet, please do!

Disclaimer * No birds, dogs, or perhaps naked people were ingured in these photos.


Roger got upset because some of his favorite – most memorable happenings weren’t included.  I actually didn’t realize how seriously he is about his random people, but after he found the ones he liked from last summer – I realized how right he was about needing them to be included.  It seems as though he really has been perfecting his skills throughout time, yet the people were way more wierd on these shoots.  Enjoy…

I like to show people how to pose.  This is not what to do.


Roger reaaaaaly likes this shot of this guy fishing.


and he was creative enough to get a shot of the guy fishing in the same shot as Jen & Josh.  Luckily Jen & Josh have a good sense of humor and enjoyed it too!


It’s nice to know that we are in good hands in the future with today’s youth.




I’m rendered not only speechless, but dare I say – confused.

Now, who wants to come with us on our next shoot???

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Trisha S. - ME! 😉
Looks like fun! =D

T Bran - I do! Ha Ha Ha – tell Roger I said GREAT JOB!!! Loved the blog, you two are cracking me up….

Renee - This post just made my day!! Thank you for providing me with humor, this was hilarious!! Great photos.

Dawn Devall - This was the highlight of my Friday night!! I laughed so hard!!! knowing rogers personality made it even funnier:)

Amanda Zika - I am dying! This is the funniest thing ever. The guy fishing might be my fav.

Dondi - Karin,
These were so fun to look at! Loved them! Oh, I know 2 girls that would LOVE to go on your shoot! LOL!!

Laura Revelle - So I weekly check your blog to see what has been shakin’ in your life and love to look at all of your beautiful pictures but “Through Rogers Lens” is by far my favorite. This is too funny and I you two are hysterical, please do this more often because it will leave a smile on my face for days! Hope all is well.

Well Refined – Michele » Starry Eyed Studios - […] well as some zen-type spiritual shots for her website.  Roger actually has alot of experience in photographing people meditating and doing holistic movements in public if you remember, so this session was totally up his alley – only THIS time the subject A. […]

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