Through Roger’s Lens – Part 2

Hi!  It’s me.  Roger.  If this is your first time on our blog I apologize.  You’re about to be really confused and I hope you still come back after this.  Karin always writes the blog because she’s good at it.  But, she’s also sort of a blog hog.  I’ve got something to share!  I want to tell stories!  So that is what I am here today to do.  This is either going to be really funny – or really make us (me) seem crazy.  Either way, I don’t get the blog much, so I’m going for it.

Back in ’09 Karin wrote a post called “Through Roger’s Lens” that was a big hit.  I would get comments all the time about my “extra” pics that I take while on shoots.  I love to people watch, so I like to get funny shots of people or random things.  I shoot on a zoom lens, so I can get in really close when people don’t know I’m watching.  Before you call the police and have me locked up in “the clank”, let me share some more recent examples of my shots… and let me know what you think!

I call this photo – The beginning of Happily Ever After.  This is the best cake cut ever.I saw something just like this on Tosh.0 last week!So Karin tells me that someone commented on the fact that one of Jennifer & Ryan’s engagement photos I took had a ghost in it.  And I don’t really remember this – because as Karin will tell you I don’t always completely listen to these stories because she tells stuff like this ALL THE TIME – but I do remember her making me look at it.  At that point she had my attention.  This was taken at a historical building in Alton and I can attest to the fact that there was nothing in the background that would cause this.  Do you see the ghost?  Random Tuesday in St.Louis.  This is why I don’t live in the city.I guess I’m getting old.  The dj put on that “Single Ladies” song, and I swear – these chicks put their hands up when it says in the song “Now put your hands up!”.  The single ladies at weddings just keep looking younger and younger.Just because you are standing behind a table doesn’t mean people can’t see you.  And your little lookout needs to be fired, because you are busted!You know those creepy Old Navy commercials with those damn mannequins?  I hate those commercials.  Apparently the 1880’s “modelquins” were at a recent wedding.This one was helping the mother of the bride with her photo.Apparently – no one likes to follow the rules.Blowing bubbles is WAY harder than it looks.  Keep up the fight, bro!The whole line dancing thing confuses me.  I think the ring bearer told her he didn’t like her bow.  What a meanie!We were trying to get some really cool shots on this rock ledge in Mexico.  Karin though the entire trip that she would be able to talk to the locals because of her 2 years of Spanish in high school.  “Amigos, move out of the way por favor” apparently means nothing to them.  Surprise surprise.I really like the bouquet toss at a wedding.  Women are relentless when it comes to catching the damn thing.  Take for example – exhibit A here.  Photo 1 on left – the intensity on their faces, their hands in a outreached position.  Photo 2 on right – a tug of war breaks out with the littlest one taking an elbow straight to the noggin.Exhibit B – Photo 3 on the left – the woman in the tan shirt is clearly pumped about her catch while the little girl falls down and clutches her head in pain.  Photo 4 on right – woman in tan tries to make up for the injury she inflicted by giving her the bouquet that she clobbered to get.  The little girl holds out her hand in a very “What the hell?” way.  And then there is that girl on the far left pointing at her and laughing.  I say this all the time, but it must be damn hard to be a woman.Finger licking good being taken to a whole new level.I saved this one for last.  I don’t know why, but every time I am on a beach there is a man in a thong there.  I don’t know when this became so popular, but apparently if you are over the age of 50, 200+ pounds, and on a beach… you are probably wearing a thong or speedo.  But this I can’t quite explain.  At Ashley & Nathan’s wedding in Florida, this man… on crutches… with a blue painters tape wrapped around his cast… stood and talked to the BP Oil Spill clean up crew… with no pants on.  Nothing blocking what the good Lord gave him.  Now THAT is what I call freedom.

I hope you enjoyed my pics and commentary.  I know this probably wasn’t a Pulitzer Prize winning post, but I think it’s my duty to share with you some behind the scenes images you are missing out on.  If you enjoyed it – make sure you comment so I can share more often.  If you don’t like this blog post… sorry.  Hope you’ll come back again anyway!

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Jenny Hodges - Love the post, Roger! My favorite is the bouquet toss photos & the little girl in the last photo. I can only imagine what she was saying! Please post more of these! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

Jen Birmingham - I just laughed so hard I cried a little…at work. Nice job Roger, way to make a girl cry at work. Love it!! You should definitely get to blog more. 🙂

Jamie Lane - Thank you because I needed a good laugh!! These pictures are great and your commentary is even better.

That last one, what in the good Lord is that man thinking!? I wonder if the poor guy he’s talking to even realized what that man looked from behind?! ha!

Veronica - LOL! Loved this post. I mean, I love all of your posts, but this was hilarious. The commentary went perfectly with the pictures. Nice job, Roger! I’ll read your posts any time.

Amanda Rakers - Hilarious!!

Michelle - haha.. Love your view Roger!

Kelly - That was hysterical Rog. You better watch out Karin, I think you have some competition.

Brittany - Roger I enjoyed your blog post…keep it up!! I am still shocked at the last photo…who does he think he it?? Hilarious!!

Amanda Zika - Best Roger post ever!!!! The ghost still creeps me out. When I am having a bad day I will have to come back and read this!

Ashley Gwin - Oh my gosh! I am literally almost rolling on the floor laughing/crying! Of COURSE the best crazy pic would be from our wedding! Great job Rog! 🙂

Amy Schmidt - I have a side ache from laughing so hard. My favorites are the little girl and the bouquet toss and the boy blowing the bubbles. Both look like they hurt a bit.

Sherree Lynn Schneider - Oh man Roger…your blog had me lmao! I think you gave Karin a run for her money! The two of you are so awesome as photographers together, but it’s so apparent by your blog that you are just as funny as Karin, and a person can just visualize how in tune the two of you are together, just by reading your post and blogs. Your marriage is inspirational to all of us…and between reading not only Karin’s blogs, but now yours too, I’m never gonna have a dry pair of underware around, cuz I nearly wet them everytime I read something you guys write. I personally look forward to seeing more of your “special” photo’s…keep up the fantastic work guys!

Carly - I love this post!!! Thanks for sharing! You are hillarious!

Kay Birmingham - Roger, I loved your blog. The pictures and your comments were hilarious. I had no idea that you had to move some locals off the rock to take Jen and Ryan’s picture.

Kay Birmingham

Krystal Litteken - I LOVE the humor! Thanks for making me laugh…keep up the awesome work!

T Bran - Great blog Roger!

Melissa McLaughlin - OH MY GOD! That was SO freaking great! I laughed my arse off (except for the ghost one that is seriously freaky)! As always the pictures you all share are great (whether it be an incredible romantic shot or a great booger search that makes you laugh) but the commentary always makes it better and completes!

Dawn Devall - Daphne will be SOOOOOOOO excited!!!! She thinks Uncle Rog is so funny!!!! I am cracking up!!!!!!!!

Laura Ranger - Roger…you have the best job ever with that zoom lens!! Everyone better be on their best behavior when your around!! Too funny! Are you the Walmartians photographer! 🙂

Theresa Dambacher - Way to go Roger-I knew you had it in you-I was just curious- no deer photographs? (LOL)You two are incredible-keep up the great teamwork!

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