The wonderful world of marketing!

We did a totally seperate design scheme for seniors.  Much more grungy and youthful – we chose to keep our senior marketing design more urban compared to our sleek, editorial design of our wedding marketing.  Here is the complete design that we came up with for seniors.

If I were a sane person, I would have gone to Kim Drury of MadiLu Designs.  I tend to be a control freak on this kind of stuff and had trouble letting go, and I’m thrilled with the way everything turned out.  Just not so thrilled with the amount of time that was dedicated to getting us there.  MadiLu designs has an incredible vision and talent and I often go to their blog just to look at their creativity.  It’s eye candy for people like me who love to see marketing ideas!

If you could care less about marketing and are yawning – wait!  Please don’t go!  Maybe you are planning a wedding and could use something custom as far as invitations and programs.  Well – there are great people out there for that as well!  One talented individual just happens to be Emily Kirkpatrick who owns EK Designs.  She does wonderful work and has a great vision.  Roger and I both feel that you can tell alot about how a wedding is going to be simply by their invitation.  Your invitation sets the tone of your day.  It says “We are traditional”, or “We are quirky” or “Our colors are black and pink”.  So just like our logo and branding says alot about us – your invitation is your logo and branding.  Hiring someone like EK Designs gives your vision a little extra boost, because not everyone knows that you have a font out there that represents your personality.  (If you would ever like to hear my take on what font goes with personality traits just ask.  I think it puts Freud’s theories to shame!)  By using a graphic designer you can also have a cohesive look from programs to candy buffet labels.  It’s a great way to announce to your guests that you care about the small details.

Since our blog has been updated and we are going through some changes, we are considering doing a “fellow wedding professional” spotlight each week.  There are so many wonderful people out there in the industry that we come into contact with and we would love to share their info with you!  Is this something you’d like to see?  Please comment below and let us know what you think!

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emily - LOVE the business cards on both design schemes! 🙂

Jamie - Fellow Wedding Professionals Spotlight? YES!! Good idea!

I love everything about the new name and the new look. Revamped & Rebooted! Funky & Fresh! Gorg & Glam!

Carla J. - WOW. I cannot believe you did these yourself. I know you said it took a ton of work, but WOW. It was worth it. Can you design my stuff in your spare time? j/j
I love reading your blog, so anything you want to write about is cool with me! Just write more often. It’s been a boring few months! 🙂

Leslie - LOVE LOVE LOVE the new website and blog! I love how organized the blog is and how you can open a post to read more. It makes finding what you are looking for so easy!
I would love to hear about people you recommend working with! I have never planned a wedding before so insider tips are awesome!

Julie - YES! I like the idea of highlighting industry professionals.

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