The Photo Junkies Interview

Roger asked me “How did your interview go last night?”  “Pretty good!” I said.  “I mean, I think I was pretty funny and I used the expression “word” alot so … I mean… I think it went O.K.”  There was a long pause and he took a sip of his coffee while still staring at me.  “Don’t be upset if they don’t end up posting it.  It may just not have been what they were looking for.”  And while that would normally seem pretty rude, he was totally sincere and concerned.  He knows me.  What can I say?

I was honored to be the first photographer interviewed on the hilarious, informative, hip, fun new site The Photo Junkies: the brain child of photographers Heather Rega and Donnell Probst who are incredibly funny and talented photographers who are ones to watch because the possibilities are endless for them.

Not only was I interviewed, I was also asked to provide my top 5 favorite photos of all time.  In some ways it was easy – and some ways very difficult.  I have emotional attachment to many photos – hundreds – so 5 was a challenge.  I also had a hard time because Roger has so many amazing photos that I would love to share that are MY favorites even though they are HIS photos.  So for now I’m going to force you to follow the link to see the 5 I chose, but when we wrap up the year Rog and I will each pic our 5 favorite images of the year and hold a little contest, so you’ll want to watch out for that post!

You’d be insane not to keep an eye on The Photo Junkies, and become a fan of them on Facebook because they have amazing giveaways, tips for better photos, and some quirkiness that everyone needs on a daily basis.  Head HERE and become a fan!

And if you really want to wonder “What was she thinking?” check out my interview over at The Photo Junkies Blog!

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Donnell Probst - You were HIL. AR. IOUS. Someday we will have you back to write a guest post and share the secret to your success!!! 🙂 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!!! ~The Photo Junkies

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