“The Family Photo”

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that large family photos are something I get any gratification from.  No photographer puts a altar shot of 30 + family members on their blog and says – “Hey, look at this awesome altar photo I took”.  Why?  Because they don’t show any skill or creativity.  They are however – necessary.  And necessary is not necessarily bad, just something you want to be over with – quickly.  Sort of like the dentist or a trip to the DMV.

Here is some family photos from a recent wedding – this is the things you don’t see behind the scenes…

I’m there in the front with the yellow and black shirt on.  Clearly I’m dumbfounded.  I think that girl in front of me is yelling at someone – a sure sign of a family photo.


My attempt at organizing the chaos.  Check out the groom in the background.


And the result – I’m in a slight coma.  (I actually cannot believe I am sharing that photo, but want to make certain I drove home my point)


Family photos are like a timecapsule.  10 years from now when you get out your wedding photos or your fall family photos or even just your snapshots from your family reunion, you’ll sit back and probably have youself a good laugh.  Because we all change – for better or for worse.  And really – thank God we do.  We all have those photos.  The ones you shove away in a box and hope never resurface.  Well, I’m delighted to share a website that celebrates these types of photos and immortalizes all of their awkwardness.

Here are a few of my faves, but encourage you to keep an eye on this site!  Maybe someday – you’ll even see a photo of you!


Anyone who has children can appreciate this one I think.




I take back what I said about family photos not showing creativity.


What?  Like this isn’t how your family takes family photos!!??


Wowza.  Should we talk about the fro or the fact that if his legs moved the slightest bit this photo would no longer be deemed appropriate for the blog?


When I first saw this one I didn’t see it.  I though – “well, that’s a nice photo this couple” – What I noticed afterward was the PDA going on with the donkeys (at least I think it’s donkeys) in the background.  This opportunity would have given Roger something to talk about for years to come.julie-donkeysex

This one is for you mom.


Looking at these photos is like spending a day at the laundromat… you walk away feeling much better about your life!  Hope you enjoy!

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melissa - excellent photos – did you take these yourself? (just kidding!)love it!

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