The Devall Family

Dawn helps us with weddings and has become a great friend of ours.  She and her husband Dave are the funniest people I’ve ever met.  I don’t know that I’ve ever laughed as hard as since they’ve came into our lives.  So I knew a family session with them would be a hoot.  Their first session got rained out (Yes, their session was suppose to be after Nicole & Brent’s) so after an outbreak of swine flu in their house we finally got their session in.  And boy – what a beautiful evening!!!  I happen to be a fan of the “golden hour” and even later for shooting.  And in the fall the golden is even more gold.  But, nothing gold can stay Ponyboy (If you don’t know that quote you should be ashamed) so you’ve got to enjoy these moments while you can.  Kids grow up, we get old and wrinkled, and some day you’ll realize that these moments just weren’t captured often enough.

Speaking of which – Dawn is an awesome photographer and wonderful with children and families, so keep her in mind when your planning your own family session!



Even though it may gross your kids out – parents should still have hot steamy photos.  I’m just sayin.02-205-2

Look how funny I am!  I’m certain I said some joke or said something really funny.  I’m sure of it.  Because I’m sure I’m funny.  Well, pretty sure.11-112-104-106-103-113-1

Thank you guys for letting “Unlce Roger” and I capture your beautiful family!  MUWAH!

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Dawn Devall - Karin!!! I LOVE them so much! They brought tears to my eyes:) Can’t wait to see the rest of them!!! I’m sharing them now….
We are FOREVER and EVER greatful for you and Rogers friendship! You guys are awesome to work for and we feel as if we owe you the sun, the moon and stars!!! Love you both!! (and Curtis too:)

Dawn Devall - It’s my family, I can comment twice right? I have a question? WHY CAN’T MY CHILDREN SMILE AND COOPERATE FOR ME LIKE THEY DID FOR YOU! Our first family photo session without tears! Brings a tear to my eye;)

Amanda Zika - These brought tears to my eyes and they are not even my family! Especially the 5th photo down when he kids are looking at eachother. That would be a 20×30 canvas in my house if they were my kids! Dawn, your family is gorgeous and Karin I am so ready for our family shoot!!!! Which I need to reschedule 🙂

admin - I teared up after these comments! I’m so touched that it’s the first family photo session without tears. It’s especially meaningful to me because we plan to focus our emphasis more on weddings and seniors so we won’t be taking many more family, kids, baby sessions any more. We know amazing people such as yourselves that have much more talent and patience that these type of photos require. Family, friends, and former clients will be an exception though, so bring it on Amanda.

Carla - I hope I qualify as a “former client”…love the session. What a great family…and…well fall is by far my favorite time of year! Stay gold Karin…stay gold 😉

T Bran - These are priceless! How sweet! Another great job Karin & Roger! Plus, loved the story and you can tell there is a true friendship there!

Michelle Lehan - Dawn – such a beautiful family. The pictures are gorgeous!!

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