“That guest”

Sometimes others write something way better than I could.  This post shows the same examples we could in regards to why you should have an unplugged wedding, but wrote the reasoning so much better!!  Please check out this link and see that this is not just an individual experience for us – it’s everywhere and there are ways to educate and avoid having your photos ruined!!


And for your viewing pleasure – that video about “That Guy”.  We’ve all seen it at a wedding or event, but this news clip shows it perfectly!


Don’t be that guy from Love Genre Films on Vimeo.

People like what’s real – until it’s a mirror.  We all have room for growth and change, and if you’ve been “That guest” you aren’t a bad person!!  If you bring your phone to a wedding and take photos, you aren’t the person these articles are about!!  It’s the extremes of situations that ruin the fun for everyone.  Those who take it that extra mile that you just shake your head at in disbelief.  All these posts have in common they show a lack of common sense and disrespect for the bride and groom who have paid good money to have a photographer or videographer at their wedding.  Our contract includes ways of dealing with this and we do educate our brides and grooms and THANK GOODNESS most are starting to opt for an “unplugged wedding”, but for those of you who know someone who is “That Guest” just let them know that even though they have every right to use their camera at a wedding (if it’s not an unplugged wedding) doesn’t mean they always should.  Life is better when we all work together!!


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Marie - Thank you for posting this. I never realized that it could ruin the photographers images. I love to take pictures, but they are no where near professional grade and after reading a blog earlier in the year, I realized that I was the person you are talking about and I have stopped! I only now try to take candid photos where the professional is no where near! You have changed one photo freak! Hopefully I am not the only one that you have reached!! Good Luck and I love your work!

Brian H. - This is actually why I stopped shooting weddings back in 2010 after 16 years in the business. It got to the point that every day someone would be a pain in the ass and ruin the client’s photos in some way. I can only imagine how much worse it is now.

Derek Christie - I am not alone! Thank you for posting this. Guests are starting to do my head in. Great post that I’ll be sharing with clients who hopefully will share with guests.

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