After spending Thanksgiving with family, many people talk about what they are thankful for.  It’s a great time to reflect on all the things that make this life worth living.  Health, family, loved ones always peak the top of my – and most people’s lists.  Without these things life just wouldn’t be as fulfilling.  But… there are a few extras I mentioned at the dinner table this year and I felt like I’d like to share them with you too.  While this post is a personal one – you may find it also educational as well because I personally believe that everyone could use these in their life!

Cake Balls

Ooey gooey heaven is what I call them.  My sweetie bride Lindsey brought me some recently and spawned a entirely new obsession in my life.  I cannot express to you how this is nothing other than heaven for your mouth.IMG_9376

Old Navy slipper boots

I’m not sure how I functioned without these, but they are the most comfortable things for your feet.  The ultimate compilation of cozy socks and slippers and boots – you MUST get yourself a pair for winter.  I personally have bought 8 pairs.  OCD people.  OCD.

Rubbermaid Closet systems and a handy husband

This is going to be shocking to some – perhaps even downright blasphemy.  I have not had a closet it 4 years.  You heard me.  4 years.  It’s a long story, but basically my clothes have been in those plastic tubs and drawers crumpled and mismanaged for 4 miserable years now.  BUT – my husband and love of my life (that is one person – not two separate people) put up a amazing closet for me.  All.  For.  Me.  I cannot express to you how happy this made me.  I squealed for hours and teared up.  I now have a place for my 8 pairs of Old Navy slipper boots and all the new clothes I’ll be needing after too many cake balls.

Verizon Wireless Internet

Words won’t be able to express my delight for this coming into my life.  After watching the commercials showing their 3G areas my genius husband called and ordered it.  Many of you know that we live in the boonies and have the slowest internet around.  We had it through AT&T and had a miserable time dealing with their customer service and their slow internet.  But now… finally… I have fast internet.  And I know what fast internet is and this my friends… is fast.  Like I hug my computer and jump up and down because it is so fast.  This by far will single handedly change my mood for all of 2010 and years to come.  I have suffered long with this situation and FINALLY I have arrived into the 21st century.  I do want to add that Verizon’s customer service was unmatched as well.  If anyone is thinking about making a switch or has slow internet and wants to have a life – you must call Verizon.IMG_9419

Last but not least I do want to say how thankful I am for you.  That’s right, if your reading this and not annoyed – I am thankful for you so much.  We’ve been so touched by complete stranger’s encouragement and kind words regarding our work and our blog.  The fact that we do something that we love for a living and people are touched by it means more than anyone could ever know.  We are fulfilling our dreams, and are so thankful to have you along for the journey.  We meet amazing people and find happiness in each event and each new couple we meet and cannot be any more thankful for that.  The ups and downs and good days and bad are all worthwhile thanks to you.  While this year quickly comes to an end, I look forward to another year of happiness and hope that you’ll enjoy it with us!

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T Bran - I am so lovin’ this recent blog! It’s so Karin style! Love all the photos you took, glad to see others bring you treats as well (mine was chips, salsa & diet coke), gonna have to get me some of those slippers, they look cozy – sooooo glad you have high speed internet, lord knows you deserve it and need it. Last – I love how you said “happiness in each event” that says alot. Loved it Karin. Great blog!

T Bran - Oh darn – how could I forget – GOOD job on the closet Rog!

Carla - Love you guys! I am thankful that you came into our lives to help document our big day this past August. Also…I am extra jealous of that closet…mine is pitiful compared to that storage wonderland.

Dondi - Oh Karin this blog is awesome!! I am so jealous of your closet. Makes me want to go home and ORGANIZE!
Well, I am thankful for your blog!!!
Good job Karin!!

Amanda Zika - Love this post and love that closet. Jealous!!!!!! LOL! Please share those cake balls!

Ashley Bywater - Great post Karin! I’m thankful for you too. 🙂

Dawn Devall - Ok, I’m going to Old Navy tomorrow!
All this made me smile and reminded me why I love you for being just who you are, YOU!

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