Tasha & Eric {married}

New Year’s Eve is magical.  It’s a day filled with hope, reflection, and new beginnings.  A day you want to be with the ones you cherish most to celebrate another year of happiness and love.  When you consider all that New Year’s Eve entails, you can’t help but consider the similarities it has with a wedding.  So when Tasha contacted about her wedding and that magical date, we knew it would be fantastic.

The holidays are hectic, and the week leading up to their wedding was no different.  Tasha and Eric closed on a new home… the day before their wedding.  And they also caught Influenza and strep throat as well.  Being sick the week of your wedding is not exactly a dream scenario, but is rather fitting when promising to love one another in good times in bad, in sickness and in health.  Days – no matter how important – aren’t without mishaps, but luckily through togetherness of one another and family and friends (and a call to Amanda Miller Makeup Artistry – thank you again for saving the day!!), everything falls into place.  Enjoy Tasha and Eric’s magical wedding day!!

Um, hello gorgeous.  Tasha, you were STUNNING on your wedding day.Can’t help but love these girls!Eric – you were made to wear a tux.  I know you love your camo, but this is so much more fitting.Don’t ask.Tasha and Eric both looked most forward to this very moment of when she walked down the aisle towards him to vow to love one another forever.  I’m not sure it was the moment Tasha’s sweet dad had looked most forward to, but he managed to keep his composure when giving his little girl away.Married!!What do you do when you have no daylight to take photos in?  Photograph near traffic in the dark of corse.  The most important photos to Tasha & Eric were the candid moments of the reception – which are our favorites as well. There is something so special about seeking out the real moments that show the depth of a relationship.  For those of you who know TenSixteen very well, should know this beautiful couple.  Rainy & Nick were married on New Years Eve 3 years ago and had one of our most favorite days in all of the weddings we’ve photographed.  3 years and one beautiful daughter later, these two continue to provide a example to others on how true love acts and looks.  They are by far everyone’s favorite couple and have that special magic of true love.
And of corse – the moment of the night that everyone looks forward to – the countdown to midnight…The provisions to avoid having a lousy New Years Day…

After having a rocking New Years Eve…

Tasha & Eric – thank you for choosing Roger and I for your wedding day!!  We couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in a new year, or a better group of people to spend it with.  Cheers to a lifetime more of magic and kisses at midnight!!!

See more of Tasha & Eric’s day in this beautiful slideshow of images!

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