Suzy & Rob {engaged}

During their first year together they went on a trip to Vegas.  Family and friends worried that they’d get married while they were there.  Little did everyone know it would be 6 years before that would happen!!  Rob will say he knew on that trip, while Suzy admits it took longer for her.  But when she knew, she knew.  And she made it known in no subtle manner that she was ready.  She picked out the ring, showed him, then started putting photos of it on his computer.  She had no idea that he not only already had the ring, he’d already taken her parents to brunch to ask for their approval.  (Later stories tell that Suzy’s mom was saying YES before he could even get the words out!)

On an ordinary evening, Rob asked if they should get out the Halloween decorations to put out.  Suzy was in the middle of a 14 day stretch at work, but agreed to the task.  While going through the boxes she saw a ring box.  “What is this?” she asked.  Eventually she asked “Are you kidding me?” Rob responded “I don’t know, are you going to say yes?” and just as quickly as he resounded she responded right back with “I don’t know, are you going to ask???”  Upon him asking her response was “Thank you.”  They spent the evening celebrating with her parents.  And eventually — she did say the word “Yes!”.

Enjoy a few images from Suzy and Rob’s engagement session!!!

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Suzy - Karin and Roger, we LOVE the pictures and had such a wonderful and fun time working with you! Thank you for your patience and humor when working with our dog, Max.

Bill Schade - All great photos! Only 177 days!

Sally - I’m supposed to pick a fav? I have 2! Picture 1 has Max (the dog) with an open mouth smile (a rare occurrence). But photo 2 has Rob with a smile showing teeth! (and that is almost as rare as a open smiled photo of Max).

suz mor - 2pic is super cute

Janice Palmer - Congratulations Suzy and Rob! The photos are truly beautiful!! Jan

Kathy - I like the candid shot where they are both laughing.

Sheila Leander - Fun story and fine photos!

Kari Saunders - Great pics. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Love the first picture with the puppy dog. Will he be in the wedding? Looks like he’s already got his tuxedo!

Rae Ann Weaver - My favorites are number 2 and number 4. I love how genuinely happy they look!

ROBYN JOHLER - I love the pictures!! They are beautiful.

Mary Jones - Very lovely; congrats!

Aunt Donna - Beautiful pictures. Of course, beautiful people!

Amy - LOVE!!! What great photos of you two!!

Aunt Willi - Looks like Suzy and Rob had lots of fun posing for their engagement photos. Very happy for them:-)

Crystal - Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!!!

Kelly - Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!!

Jen Bussen - Congratulations! What a great story! The photos look amazing!

Lori Moots-Clair - Congratulations Suzy, they are all great, couldn’t pick a favorite.

Natalie - Very Beautiful. I like the one in the field the most. The black and white laughing one was very good too.

Julie - Your pictures are beautiful!

Keith - Good looking pics guys!

Jennifer Stone - Love these! Beautiful pics – can’t choose a fave. I am so excited for you both! (And Max, of course, too!) ♥

Nancy - These are great! You two look so happy!

Angie - The pics are amazing!! I love them all!! Congratulations!!

samantha - Beautiful photos! Congrats!

Mary Kolb - Beautiful couple. Enjoy the pictures.

Amy Mancuso - You look sooo happy! congratulations! i always was jealous of that hair….. 😉

Mary Wooley - I like the first two! You can see the joy! Congratulations, Suzy and Rob.

Cousin Carrie - Great pictures Suzy!

Pam Schade - good pics!

Greg Schade - good pics!

Tina - Beautiful pictures. Congratulations!

Jenn Shreve - Great pics! #2 is my favorite – beautiful smiles!! I’m so happy for you two!!

Cara Busenhart - Love the one with laughter! Congrats to you, Suzy!

patty - great pics guys – congratulations!!!

Linda Young - Beautiful pictures Suzy!!!!

Carrie - Love, love, love the 4th pic – so “in the moment”!

G - LOVE the photos. The second photo is my favorite!

Love you.


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