Susie & Matt {Wedding Day}

Susie & Matt may be the most laid back bride and groom we’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  Their wedding day was about 1 thing – getting married.  That doesn’t mean they scrimped on the details or didn’t have an amazing event – they just didn’t STRESS over any of it.  Their day was about love and how when you find the kind of love they’d found – you hold it tightly and promise to never let it go.

Susie & Matt are just one of those couples you instantly like.  Authentic and honest.  Faithful and true.  Made for one another.

Enjoy their wedding day!

Susie is a nurse, and if you would have asked “What do you think Susie does for a living?”  I would have guessed… a nurse.  She’s nurturing, comforting, and calm.  Just what you’d imagine a nurse to be.  (And REALLY pretty to boot!!)Matt is MAJORLY charming.  He’s so sincere and nice and courteous.  And he’s handsome too!  I don’t know what he does for a living, but I’m thinking…male model.

BOOYA!  That’s alot of manliness right there.OMG.  One of my MOST favorite shots of all time by Roger.  Too cute!!Loved this church on the Hill.Susie & Matt – I heart you.
And true to form, it began to rain.  Do you think Susie and Matt got upset?  Heck no!  They just calmly said “we’ll just let it pass” and whatya’ know…it passed!  So they celebrated – StL style!My view… (I can’t help but think of Nelly every time I see a low Arch shot.  Which makes me think of how I saw Nelly one time on I-255.  Be sure to ask Roger about this… he’s a big fan of the story.)Roger’s view.  I heart the Arch, but I still believe Roger won.We’ve seen quite a few choreographed first dances lately, and I must say – I LOVE IT!  How often do you get to dance in front of an audience?  (not enough times, take my word for it)  Do it up in style I say!See – everyone’s trying it!I can also say that there just aren’t enough opportunities to wear a feather boa, BIG glasses, and an odd hat.  Hello, sir!  Glad you agree.

Susie & Matt – Thank you for not only letting us be a part of your day, but for treating us like family.  You were so accommodating and kind.  On a busy day where there is a ton of stuff going on and many people to attend to – you took time to make sure that we were well provided for.  We can’t express how much we appreciate you being so considerate to us.  You can tell that that is who you are – from making sure you celebrated your bridesmaids’ birthdays with a cake and a round of “Happy Birthday”, to personally making sure we were fed and accommodated the same as friends and family were.  You are both so affectionate, warmhearted, and loving – and your marriage will be strong and enduring because of the people you are.  Many times over we thank you for choosing us to be a part of your day!

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Amanda Zika - Favorite wedding of yours ever! And I am so stealing that arch shot with them kissing for my wedding this weekend 😉 Don’t hate me for it! LOL! I will just put the DTP twist on it!

Angela - Awesome photos! I cannot wait for my wedding next weekend and to see the awesome photos!

Laura Ranger - Just BEAUTIFUL!

Pamela Q - that flower girl shot is AWESOME.

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