Stephanie & Todd {Engaged}

College came and they stayed in touch, but for about 5 years they inexplicably fell out of contact and became absent from one another’s lives.
One night while hanging out with friends in town – they were both in the same place, at the same time. And they spent the entire evening catching up. Laughing. Reconstructing the times the spent apart and reflecting on the times spent together. 3 months later they knew they’d be married. 6 months later they looked at rings. And 1 year later, while sitting around a campfire with friends, Todd got down on one knee and asked Stephanie to be his wife.
Saying their I do’s together. Starting a family together. Growing old together. Todd & Stephanie look forward to the rest of the chapters of their life continuing to being intertwined and writing their story – together.
Congrats to you both!!!

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Amanda Zika - Total hotness! This is totally your style girl! You guys rocked it once again. I love the chic outfit choices too!

Jenny Donnelly - Stephanie, you look hot! GREAT photos!!!! Way to go, as always, Karin and Roger!!

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