Starry-IPhone contest winner

I made a new friend.  Her name is Stephanie Martychenko Biermann.  I actually don’t know if she uses all 3 names, but I like to refer to her as that because I believe three names are better than two.  And because that’s what it says her name is on Facebook.

Stephanie is the proud owner of an I Tunes gift card because she – a loyal Starry-eyed blog reader – was the first to send me a photo of her phone with the Starry-eye Phone link on her home screen.  I’m sorry to all of the other hopefuls that sent me beautiful photos of their phones.  You really rocked my world with your participation.  (or perhaps your desperation for something free – either of which I respect)  Stephanie Martychenko Biermann clocked in at 18 minutes according to my inbox – making her – my new bff.  Here is her photo…

So her gift card is probably arriving at her house as we speak.  If you didn’t participate – don’t you feel foolish?  For those of you who did – please keep your link on your phone and display it with pride.  Make fun of people who don’t have the link on their home screen.  Call them losers.  You have my permission.  And enjoy this interview with fellow IPhone owner with good taste in blogs… Stephanie Martychenko Biermann.  (I just said her name like they announce it at a sporting event.  I wish you could hear it.  Call me – I’ll announce it for you)

How long have you owned your I-phone and do you (like me) feel like it single handedly changed your life for the better?
Ive had mine since february of last year, and i can’t imagine my life without it.  i’m hopelessly addicted.  the world is a different (definitely better!) place to me because of it.  i feel more excited, positive, and connected.

What is your favorite feature on your I-phone (besides your new Starry- eyed link button)?

– i have to pick just one?!  geez!  i guess i’d have to say that having the Maps function is most important to me.  I’m not afraid to go or explore anywhere anymore!

What’s on your I Tunes playlist right now?
– the killers

What is your favorite app?
– definitely facebook!  and it’s how i spotted this contest.  🙂

When you hear the words – “There’s an app for that”, do you get chills? Or is that just me?
– YES!!!  with so many new apps popping up all the time, it always stays exciting!

What do you plan to buy with your gift card?
– lol, a few random 50s-era songs that i have tagged on my iphone with my shazam app!

Will you vow to not remove your Starry-eyed link and perhaps – show it to friends and tell them how stupid they are for not having one?   (Just put yes here because I’m totally telling everyone you said yes regardless.)
– uh… ,of course!

Do you find me cooler now that you know I too have an Iphone? (see parenthesis above) – cooler and i KNOW you’re happier. aaaaaand addicted just like me.  😉

Do you have any idea how they put so much amazingness into one little device? – no, but i’m so glad they did!  i loved apple products anyway, but apple rocks my world now cause of the iphone.  i’m still (STILL – after over a year!) so blown away with how perfectly useful and exciting it is!!

And finally, email me your favorite pic on your phone. And make it a good one – cause you KNOW I’m gonna post it!

artsy!  I love it!

You never know when we may run a little contest again.  I’m in the spirit of giving lately, so you’ll want to watch out.  The best way to watch for news and contests on this blog is – as Stephanie Martychenko Biermann will attest – to have a Starry-eyePhone link on your home screen.  Don’t be a loser!  As Ricky Bobby said – “if ya ain’t first, your last”.  Words to live by.

Happy Wednesday!

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