Starry-I Phone

I finally gave in to technology and hype a few weeks ago and bought myself a little somethin called and IPhone – or as I now call it – I Crack.  It was love at first touch and I’ve been loving my life much better ever since.  Yes, I know – most Americans have had this little piece of heaven for quite some time and I am WAY behind, but cut a girl some slack.  I of corse was ultra hip and bought the white one – along with a hot pink case because – duh – you HAVE to have a case.  I can’t be certain – but I think my 14 year old now thinks I’m cool.  Like I said though – I can’t be sure.

So after getting my bff, I get word about this plugin for my blog and how you can make an icon for people to put your link… wait for it…. directly on their i-phone!!  Wow.  Believing it was to good to be true – I did it!

Low an behold – you can have a link to our blog on your homepage of your i phone.  Can you even stand it?  Just go to our blog (oh wait, you’re already here.  Hi!), click on the + sign, click “Add to Home Screen”, and then hit Add.  There we will be!  On your phone!  Isn’t technology amazing!!

In honor of this little development and my joining the masses into the i world – I will give a $15 I Tunes gift card to the first person who sends me a photo of the Starry-eyed link on their phone.  No joke.  Just think of the apps you can get with that.  So no excuses, I know you can just send it right there from your phone, so snap to it!

I’ll announce the winner later this week.

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Klott - I’m tryin’!!! Can’t find this elusive plus sign you speak of… Dang it!

Ashley Bywater - Won’t get mine until my Verizon contract is up in December! I can look at it on my Crackberry though! 🙂

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