Stacy & Nate {Engaged}

There was growing up to do. Grade school, then Jr.High, then High School – and that’s when it happened. They had a few classes together. Even though Stacy was a year older, Nate was in alot of her classes because he was in the more advanced classes. She thought his long hair was ridiculous, so she didn’t even think about him as dating potential. Until the one day he came into classes after making the basketball team. They made him cut his hair, and with all of it gone – she noticed how cute he was. Stacy flirted and Nate flirted back, and finally on February 20th – standing by his locker, Nate asked her to be his girlfriend and with a smile from ear to ear – she said yes.
5 years later, Stacy and Nate decided to celebrate their anniversary and go ice skating in Forest Park. But the weather had other plans as it turned out to be a 65 degree day. They settled for an IMAX movie and a meal at the Spaghetti Factory. Before walking into eat, Nate asked Stacy if she would like to exchange anniversary cards first. They stood on the walk that leads to the Mississippi River and gave each other their cards. He handed her a homemade card with their photo on it. Inside the card, she read his words about how amazing the past 5 years had been, about how much he loved her, and how he looked forward to spending the rest of his life with her. And as her eyes panned over the right side of the card she read the words “and with a answer of “YES”, the rest of our lives can start right now!” Finally, on February 20th – on knee at Laclede’s Landing, Nate asked her to be his wife and with tears streaming down her face – she said yes. They never made it to eat because they wanted to rush home to tell their families. The day didn’t go as planned whatsoever – but the best things in life never do.
Stacy & Nate look forward to their wedding next April and to beginning their life and a family together.
Enjoy Nate & Stacy’s engagement photos!

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Trina Stempel - I’m so happy for Nate and Stacy. Karin will be busy with all of the Clinton County weddings and I know everyone will be pleased with the end products.

Paula & Fugi - Nate & Stacy, We are so excited and happy for you! Stacy, You’ve already been a part of the family for years! Now it will just be “official.” Love, Mom & Dad

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