Stacy & Kevin {Wedding Day}

One day she told me – “We are already a family.  We are already together in our hearts.  But I just can’t wait to say “I do”.  I can’t wait to make it official.  I can’t believe I get to become Kevin’s wife.” I remember before Roger and I tied the knot feeling the exact same way.  If I had to wait one more day I swore I’d go crazy.  So I could feel Stacy’s excitement when we spoke about she and Kevin’s wedding day – and about their love.

Kevin seemed a little nervous on the big day.  We idly chatted as I photographed him, but I could tell his mind was elsewhere.  And as the doors opened and Stacy walked down the aisle… it sank in.  He was marrying the woman of his dreams.  You could see it in his eyes.  They were already a family, already together in their hearts, but he couldn’t wait to make it official.  He couldn’t believe he was about to become Stacy’s husband.

Welcome to Stacy & Kevin’s Valentine Wedding!!


Stacy – you were ridiculously beautiful on your wedding day.  Timeless.  Elegant.  Striking. And not to mention…


HOT.  Like AYKM with those eyes HOT.


And Kevin is just a doll face.  He went ahead and told me to “boss him around all day and tell him what to do.”  As you can see – Kevin is going to make an amazing husband.


I call this a red wall of hotness.  I’m adopting Stacy and her friends for my very own.  I love them!


Kevin – looks like we made your NKOTB dream come true!!



Mr & Mrs!!!






My fave of the day…


OK, who am I kidding – I have over 100 faves.  Like THIS one…


I can’t go without mentioning another fave.  I had no idea Our Lady of the Snows Shrine had weddings.  Now I have no idea why more people don’t have their wedding there!  It’s a gorgeous room, an amazing staff, and hands down the best wedding reception food ever.  EVER.  If you know anyone planning a wedding and looking for an amazing venue on the Illinois side – tell them about the Shrine!!



One of the sweetest first dances ever.  No one else existed but them!


Kevin & Stacy had a fantastic party.  The dance floor was packed the entire night and everyone was well entertained by Short Circuit.


05Kevin & Stacy ~

Roger, Amanda, and I had SUCH an amazing time on your wedding day.  The flow of the day was flawless and everything went so smoothly.  A cooperative wedding party, great details, fun people, and love make our day easier and make your lives richer.  We are so happy for you both.  Congrats on making official what was already in your hearts.

Look for all of Stacy & Kevin’s photos next week!

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Ruth Gierer - A beautiful wedding! Karin, you have a way of capturing people! It looks like it was a gorgeous celebration!

Sherree Schneider - Karin…I really really LOVED the way you did their wedding rings…something different from the “norm”. You guys just do amazing work…I so love looking at your photo’s.

Amanda Zika - Girl, we rocked this one! What a beautiful flawless day! And nothing is more fun then doing what you love with dear friends 🙂

Kevin and Stacy, thank you for letting me part of your special day. Your wedding was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

Blessings, Amanda

T Bran - Love, Love, Love the pics! Love, Love, Love the RED – and the caKe…..BEST EVER I SEEN TO DATE!

Tiffany - I Love this wedding- and of course T Bran already said it- the cake – the red- LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

clary - These portraits are awesome!

Dawn Devall - I love the one of them in front of the window, and the flowers in front of that window. LOVE that look!!! Good job guys!

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