Stacy & Kevin {Engagement}

Stacy & Kevin relax in each others company.  They have a quiet kindness in their looks, and comfort in their touch, and are just simply – in love.  And it is very very difficult to see these two without a smile (Although Stacy – you so rocked the serious face when asked to!) – so clearly, they are also happy in love!  And it looks good on them!  They were an cinch to photograph and basically did whatever I asked – even if it was asking them to trespass.  But in true Kevin & Stacy form – they found someone to ask permission from.  So thanks Stacy – now I’m certain that gives me clearance for the rest of my life.



Stacy & Kevin – We cannot wait for your wedding and to see that happiness again!  Thanks for being the nicest, most polite super models eva!

[nggallery id=8]

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Jennifer Hilling - These pictures are amazing. Stacy-you and Kevin look adorable. Karin-you did an awesome job. Makes me want to get married again (to Jeremy ..of course) and have you work your magic again. Love it.

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