Spring Engagement Sessions

On a snowy day in 2009 I made schedule for spring engagement sessions.  Here we are in 2010 – on a snowy cold day – doing the same thing.  Must be the yearning for spring that inspires me to pick cold days to think warm!

We include an engagement session with all of our pricing.  It is a great time for Roger and I to see you in front of the camera and a great chance for you to see us behind it.  Typically brides to be are pumped about the session and grooms to be are less than optomistic.  However – they typically end up walking away realizing that while we might be dorky – we don’t make you feel dorky or awkward.  Roger usually ends up with a new friend, and girls end up looking really smart for picking us.  The fears are then calmed and the wedding day goes without a hitch.  Pure awesomeness.

So here on the blog we list specific dates and locations for these engagement sessions– the couple then picks which date and location they  want and email me.  First come, first serve.  As the times become filled I will mark them in red meaning they are no longer available.  In order for a session to take place there must be at least 2 takers.  This year there will be rain out dates saved just incase.  When you book your session I will let you know what the rain out date will be so you can mark it down.  The first question I will be asked is “Can we do a clothing change?” and the answer is yes!  So get out your calendars, start envisioning your wardrobe and get out your Crest whitening strips, because before you know it warmth and sunshine will be here!

I’ve posted photos of all the locations for those of you who are visual like me!

April 16th – SIUE 4:30


April 18th – Forest Park (think tulip and flower explosion): 1:30, 3:00, 4:30


May 2nd – Lafayette Park: 3:00, 4:30, 6:00


May 14th – Downtown Alton (I don’t have a photograph of a engagement for this – but trust me when I tell you that I predict this to be the hottest session of all locations!): 5:00


May 16th – Forest Park: 3:00, 4:30, 6:00


May 23rd – Riverfront/Landing (Swore we wouldn’t do this one again after an interaction with a very very mean “homeless” man, but it’s just too good.  However we ain’t stayin late this time!  PS – there is some location not shown that will be off the hook)  1:30 & 3:30


May 30th – Keener Plaza/Downtown/City Park/ some crazy sexy new locations that are a surprise!): 3:00, 4:30, 6:00


TBD – Beaver Dam | small town USA: any week day at any time (always available and always hot – our local shoots are often most people’s favorites!)

We are so excited to see the photos that the locations and the wonderful couples bring this year!  Can’t wait to see you then!

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Emma Soland - YAY! I’m so excited!!!

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