Soul Mates

My sister is getting married this weekend.  I know some of you who know me are trying to figure this out because I am indeed an only child.  I’ll explain…

Being in the business of soul mates, you see alot of love stories.  You hear of fate bringing two lives together.  And “just knowing” this other person was meant to be in your life.  But is it possible that fate brings you more than just your spouse?  Perhaps  it also brings us our friends who become our family.

When Morrisa and her mom contacted us about doing Morrisa’s wedding a year and a half ago – we were booked already for 6/6/09.  They talked about changing the date, looking at other options, ect.  (They even tried a little bribery!)  Tammy told me stories of her only child who had met the man of her dreams.  Sent me photos she had taken of their engagement day and their love.  I was getting sucked into getting attached to them immediately and had a instant bond with these people.  There were unexplainable coincidences, a comfort in speaking with them, and a feeling that one only gets with someone who was meant to be in their lives.

After talking for several weeks about what to do to make it work, and perhaps feeling like some other lucky photographer was going to gain these clients that I was calling friends, fate stepped in.  The clients we had booked for that day called.  Their reception venue had double booked for that date, and they needed to change their wedding date to a later date.  After making the changes with them I could not call them fast enough. I dialed the numbers and I couldn’t get ahold of anyone.  Morrisa was in class and Tammy in a meeting.  I sent an email.  Minutes went by with my heart pounding.  I could not believe what had just transpired.  Finally, the phone rang.  It was Morrisa in tears screaming “Are you serious?”  I was stunned, for one that I had someone who wanted us to be a part of their day SO badly, and 2 that it actually worked out.  From that moment on, it’s been a whirlwind of crazy connections that remind me that these people were meant to be in my life.

When you are planning your wedding, or living your life with your soul mate, don’t forget to look around at the people there by your side.  Because fate brings us more than just our spouses.  Wether it be your parents, your friends, or… your sister.

I love you M~ and am so excited for your day tomorrow!  I can’t wait to witness my soul sister marry her soul mate. img_5836

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Dondi - Karin, You are right! Those 2 are soul mates you can tell! I just loved reading your story. I can’t wait till tomorrow either it is going to one of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever been to and M will be such a BEAUTIFUL bride I just know it. There will be many tears of joy shed tomorrow for sure and I KNOW you will capture the most beautiful moments. See you on 6-6-09!!!

Shannon - YAY! I remember you talking about this wedding and how excited you were for it the first time we met with you! FATE! Have a great time. As per usual, can’t wait to see the pictures from the doolin daultons!

Morrisa - I was lucky enough to check into our hotel room early enough before Amy gets here – to get on the internet, and get your email to read your blog. Thank you for telling OUR story Karin! You made me cry as always, good tears of course. I am so lucky to have you in my life, for this special day, and all the days to come. I can’t wait for you to get here!!! I love you too!!

T Bran - All T Bran can say at this moment is …OMG!

Amanda Zika - Okay, you have me in tears! Happy tears! I can’t wait to see pics from this wedding! I am sure they are going to be gorgeous!

T Bran - Their day has come and went. I finally got to see Karin and Roger in action and at work – doing it in person and not just visualizing it as Karin can sometimes explain in her blogs and emails. They work EXTREMELY hard at what they do. I canNOT wait to see the final product. ThanXX to Roger for what I think will be the perfect “line up” for the wedding ceremony photos….you truly went above and beyond what was asked of you. I hope you enjoyed yourself – and so glad that you were a part of their day – and will hopefully be in their lives for many years to come. It’s a true friendship!

PS – Oh – and I really enjoyed watching you both on the dance floor… that shower cap ROG!

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