Snow My Gosh!!

If you live in the midwest, you probably woke up this morning a little miffed about the white stuff on the ground.  While I am a pretty big fan of snow – the windows open and a gentle breeze on a 70 degree day was feeling pretty darn good this last week!  Plus, every time the weather gets wacky so does our internet.  I do think though that obstacles and annoyances really aren’t as bad if you simply look at them with optimism.  The internet being screwy gives me the opportunity to turn off the computer and go do something else for once!  And the snow can give you an excuse to cuddle in and enjoy one of the last (hopefully) days of winter knowing that soon enough you’ll be complaining because it’s hot.  We don’t live in California (which OMG how stupid that we don’t!) where we know that tomorrow it will be sunny.  The winters here are cold, the summers are hot, and the season in between you never know what you’re gonna get.  So let’s make the best out of it!

Here’s my favorite Broccoli Soup recipe.  Soup isn’t nearly as good when it’s hot out, so enjoy an excuse to use heavy cream and be OK with it.  (For those who choose to use milk to cut fat and calories… I loathe you.)

You can also just choose to throw a middle finger up to the snow and show Mother Nature you can have fun no matter what she throws at you!  Last snowfall, my boys decided to set up the badminton net and play a few rounds.  That is what I call making the best of the situation.So this could totally be your last excuse to drink hot chocolate.  That’s enough reason right there to be thankful!  It’s Friday – add some booze to it if you like.No matter how you deal with the curve balls Mother Nature throws at you, just do it with style.  Save the complaining for the big stuff like earthquakes and tsunamis!  And next weekend when we are photographing our first wedding of the season – if weather doesn’t cooperate and I complain about it – tell me to read this post!  Happy weekend!

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Jenny Conrad - I don’t even buy milk anymore….just heavy cream. Next weekend is going to be AWESOME, no matter the weather.

Mary Lou Delaney - Hmmm. Hot chocolate with some nice Bailey’s or Schnapp’s. That does sound like a good reason to enjoy the cold. That’s not nearly as good when it’s hot either.

Ashley Gwin - Great post! If it doesn’t involve a “snow day,” no snow for me! 🙂

Cindy Gullo-Pettibone - “Add some booze if you’d like.” My new philosophy on life.

GBran - NNNNjoyed the blog (as usual) Hope all is well in your world and I wish you and Roger the best as you start another season of weddings – capturing moments for them to have forever.

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