Shilpa + Mike {love story}

They sat in the medical school library at University of Missouri – Kansas City.  He attending dental school, she attending medical school, it was common for them to notice one another studying from across the room.  With some coaxing from her friends, Shilpa finally got up the nerve to find out more about him.  His name was Mike, and from the moment she sat down to talk, there was instantly chemistry.
He asked her out on a date, and although both were inundated with school work and studies, they made time to get to know one another better.  Nervously she changed her outfit what seemed to be a hundred times, but when he picked her up that night in his Ford Taurus, one thing was for certain – everything about them together was perfect.
5 years later, Shilpa planned a 30th birthday party for Mike with many surprises for him in store – little did she know the biggest surprise would be for her!!  She’d surprised Mike with a get together of about 30 or so friends and family to all spend the day on a party bus to celebrate his birthday, and even managed to surprise him with a special guest – Mike’s older brother from San Diego and his wife and children.  Shocked, he couldn’t believe that he really had his family all there with him.  It was indeed the perfect moment to turn the surprise onto Shilpa.  As her friend lured her inside as the bus was ready to depart, Mike set his plan into action.  He hurried everyone off the bus and had everyone stand outside facing the door where Shilpa would walk out.  Confused and embarrassed upon coming out to their friends and family waiting on her, she tried to figure out what was happening.  Next thing she knew Mike was on one knee asking her to be his wife.  Shocked, excited, not able to process everything that was happening she exclaimed “Are you serious?”  She stood in disbelief that he’d actually asked until someone in the group finally yelled out “You haven’t answered him yet!”  “YES!!!!” she screamed!!  It was a day they were supposed to be celebrating Mike, and instead they also celebrated the beginning of the rest of their lives together.
Shilpa and Mike are planning a wedding for October 2015.  We are so excited to share their gorgeous sneak peek of their engagement session, and cannot wait for their big day!!




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Sreedevi venkatesh - Hi shilpa, we r so happy and excited for you. You two make a wonderful couple. You are so beautiful, intelligent, and so very caring. We wish you both the very best. Love sreedevi aunty and venkatesh uncle

T.K.Raghunath - congratulations!! Best wishes .Can’t Wait for the Big event!!

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