Shiloh & Ryan {engaged}

They set a date to go out, but just before Ryan got invited to go on a campling trip in Canada with a group of guys.  Come to find out – one of those guys included Shiloh’s dad.  She knew that if the two of them survived a week together in the wlderness and Ryan STILL wanted to date her – they’d make a great couple.  Sure enough, the moment he returned back to the states he immediately called her to set up a date the moment he got home.  With dad’s seal of approval, they’ve been inseparable ever since.

After time together to learn the important things about one another – like for Shiloh’s case when fish are biting, when hunting seasons are, and a strong education on football – the next step was approaching.  They’d been looking at rings, but that Saturday after church, Shiloh had no idea that she would be engaged by the afternoon.  He asked her what she wanted to do the next day, and she replied that she didn’t care.  “Do you want to go look at engagement rings?” he asked.  “Not really” she replied.  They’d gone before and she really preferred it to be more of a surprise.  And a surprise it was as she turned to him and he had a box in his hand and asked “Will you try on this ring since you don’t want to look anymore?” and with that was on his knee asking her to be his wife.

Now they are enjoying planning their wedding for January of next year and looking forward to “forever”.

Enjoy a sneak peak at a few of Shiloh & Ryan’s engagement photos!!!


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Heather - You guys are an amazing couple and these pictures prove it!

Lori - These pictures are amazing! I love them all! You two are such a great couple.

Lela - I love these pictures! They are amazing just like you guys!!

Amy - Such wonderful pictures of a fantastic couple…you guys are going to have such a wonderful life together…love ya both!!!

Aunt Doris - Beautiful photos, beautiful couple. May this be just the start of a picturesque life together.

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