Shelby + Jordan {love story}

Everyone has a different story.  How they met, first dates, when they knew this was “the one”.  Shelby and Jordan’s story started long ago when the two were kids.  The grew up together.  With their families being close friends and going to the same grade school, there is hardly a memory that the other wasn’t a part of.  When they went to different high schools they slipped a bit a part, but ended up reconnecting in college.  So this couple has an extra special depth to the term “the rest is history”.  For Shelby and Jordan, one another IS their history.
Shelby and Jordan are almost always prompt and the first person to arrive at an event.  But one night when going to a friends house they were running late.  Rushing to grab all the things she needed to bring with her, Shelby was scurrying to get inside when upon walking up all of a sudden the garage door opened.  She stood frozen.  “Marry me Shelby?” was spelled out in Christmas lights and Jordan was down on one knee behind her.  Still in shock, she stood there still frozen and in disbelief. She has no idea what he said, but her words were exactly “Are you kidding me?” followed with a “yes!!!”.
Their past together may make up their history, but from here on out the two will make up one another’s future.

Enjoy a sneak peek at Shelby and Jordan’s beautiful engagement session!

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Marjean - I love your pictures and your love story…oh my. It’s beautiful. This is one very proud aunt. I love you both. Congratulations!!!

Marjean Wilmes - I love your engagement pictures. Your love story is beautiful. This is one very proud aunt. I love you both.

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