Shawn & Steve {married}

It was a frenzy of a morning.  Hustle and bustle of bridesmaids, and groomsmen, and family.  The weather outside was perfect, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping… it was the perfect day to get married!  The sun softly shone through the windows of the church, and as Shawn walked down the aisle toward Steve, she glowed.  The happiness in the air was palpable.  Even though the morning was hectic, even though there was much hustle and bustle, even though hearts were pounding – there was a calm that fell once the two were standing side by side on the altar.  It was as if the entire church and it’s onlookers collectively exhaled and relaxed.  There was no question that this day was meant to be, no question that when this couple promised forever that their intentions were true, and no question that this would be the perfect day for Shawn and Steve to say “I do”.  Enjoy the photos of their perfect love – and their perfect day!!!Something blue…Steve is SUCH a genuinely nice person.  He’s warm and caring and when Shawn is near him they both light up!!Shawn has a bit of a southern accent, and it’s as sweet as honey just like her.  If that accent doesn’t win you over first, her infectious laugh and caring charm will!!

Steve’s sweet Grandpa has this beautiful old car l and as a tradition he lets’ the grandkids use it for photos on their wedding day.  It was the perfect touch to this perfect day!
yum.Everything from the light coming through the church windows, to Shawn, to the trees were seriously glowing a warm comforting light.  Like sweet sweet butter!!!

So yes, that sea of people just happens to be Shawn and Steve’s wedding party.  Although coordinating this group was the equivalent of herding cats, 😉 it’s always amazingly telling to me that these two have so many people that they love deeply enough to ask them to stand up with them that they couldn’t leave anyone out.  Shawn baked 900 cupcakes for her wedding and made her own wedding cake.  On Thursday.  As in the Thursday before their wedding.  When I stared at her with my jaw on the floor when she told me that, her response was “Baking calms me.”  What a great team she and I would make!!  Eating cake calms me!!!

Shawn and Steve – you two are both such thoughtful and caring people.  We have enjoyed getting to know both you and your families and are so thankful for your kindness that you’ve always extended towards the two of us.  We look forward to watching your love grow throughout the years and watching the rest of your perfect days turn into perfect years and perfect memories.  XOXO!!!

For more of Shawn and Steve’s gorgeous day – check out their slideshow!!!


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Amanda - Oh Karin and Roger! These are incredible. I can’t even pic my favorite picture because they are all so beautiful. From all the details, color of autumn, dress…just everything was perfect!

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