Shawn & Steve {engaged}

They chatted back and forth online for 8 days, and finally progressed to a phone call. A 6 hour phone call to be exact. They talked for hours every day that week, neither could get enough of the other. So they set a date for the 15th.
Her took her to Cunetto’s on The Hill in St.Louis followed by a couple drinks at Wild Country afterward. Small talk isn’t Shawn’s strongest characteristic, but somehow with Steve it just came easy. She can still remember his smile, the way he smelled, the butterflies. It was the best first date she’d ever been on.
After a year and a half of great dates, great memories, and still butterflies in the stomach, Steve was ready to ask Shawn to be his wife. Problem was – he had planned it upon her arrival from her flight from Denver after a vacation with her family, and the flight kept getting delayed. Several delays and mishaps later, Shawn finally showed up at Steve’s parents house for “his nephew’s birthday party”. As she got out of the car, both garage doors open and there stood Shawn’s brother and sister with their spouses and children, Steve’s parents, Steve’s sister and her husband and children, all with their cameras out looking at her. In the middle of everyone sat her daddy with his guitar and Steve next to him. She walked up to the seat in front of Steve and his dad softly began playing on his guitar as Steve sang Mark Wills Loving Every Minute. After the song was finished he got down on one knee and in front of both of their entire families, he asked her to marry him.
Their love story continues next September as they promise forever in front of family and friends and continue to let life happen as God plans. (He hasn’t done them wrong so far!)

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Dondi - Beautiful pictures!! Great job once again Karin!! Love thier story too:) Congrats to them!!!

Amanda Zika - Oh man! I had chills from reading that engagement story. SOOOOO romantic. And what a good looking couple. I love that I can see this love captured through these photos. Amazing job!

P.S. I love the Wild Country part! he, he

Chantel Sutberry - Your color work is so rich and pretty!!!! I wish I had a pic of me and my husband like the black and white in the trees with the little pop of sun flare!!!

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