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Do you believe in fate?

It was a quiet evening.  I was finishing up some work and I went to check my emails before bed.  An upbeat availability request waited for me from a girl named Shannon.

“Hi Karin and Roger!  I’m positive this is a long shot but I am having issues with our current photogs and am looking for a miracle.  You came highly recommended and having looked at your images, I see why!   Thanks for taking the time to let me know if you are available- fingers crossed :)”

We are full for the year so I was thinking I was going to have to disappoint this hopeful bride, but then I read the date… June 27th, 2009.  Initially we were booked for this date, but had a cancellation.  1 date available in 2009 – 2 months before – Shannon emailed.  What are the chances?  And then as we talked and got to know Shannon and Stuart I soon realized- it was much more than chance… it was fate.

I’m gonna go ahead and warn you about this post… you are going to walk away from it LOVING these two.  I’ve seen their faces for the past week – hours upon hours – and instead of growing tired of them – I’m smitten with them more and more.  Cause that’s just them – you’ve got to love them.  Shannon has almost 900 friends on Facebook.  Need I say more?

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Shannon & Stuart exchanged gifts the day of their wedding.  I really enjoy it when a couple does this.  We’ll get to Stu’s gift later – but how about the one Shannon received?  Nice work Stuart.09

Shannon is so funny, so pretty, and SO fabulous.  Way to bring some sass Ginger.


and Stuart.  The definition of charm and handsome.  Good lookin out Stu.  Good lookin out. 1322

Awwwwwwwwww snap.  Go ahead – tell me this isn’t hot.  Boys – you are G’d up from the feet up.  Fo shizzle.  (Sorry Stu – I think I may have messed that up with throwing in some Snoop.  I couldn’t help myself)


I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now that the best First Glance I’ve ever seen in my life was this one.  It was at this point that I knew I’d end up with a crush on these two.  I can’t help it – I love to see people so taken with each other.  Tears in both of their eyes, it was as if nothing else in the world mattered at that moment.  You could visually see their excitement, their love, their respect for one another.  Stuart could not take his eyes off Shannon.  I think she literally took his breath away .  I’ll never in my life forget this moment – and either will they.


FYI – yes, Shannon’s make up and hair are amazing – you’re right.  Jealous?  Click here to be fabulous on your wedding day!200607

Roger and I talk about the day on the way home after a wedding.  We talked about many moments after this day, but the one moment we were most taken with was this one…

When the pastor announced Shannon & Stuart husband and wife there was a huge round of applause, which isn’t uncommon.  What was uncommon was how the applause swelled and intensified and  gave both of us chills.  Because you could feel that everyone was so generally happy for these two.  It was like they were all there cheering on their best friend.  And so it’s not just me – everyone has a crush on these two.


You are feeling it aren’t you?  You already have a crush on them too!  I told you.



OK, this brings me to a very important moment in this post.  It’s not something I’ve ever talked about before on this blog – and it’s in fact something I’ve just learned the importance of.  Shannon’s gift to Stuart was a new pair of Air Jordan shoes – also known as… Js.  Now what Stuart wants you to know is that after Shannon’s fab gift, he is now “Rockin his J’s” or “Stompin”.  There is an entire language that goes along with these shoes.  I’m still learning, but keep posted because I could drop some new terms any day.


SO maybe Shannon and Stuart and their hot friends aren’t enough to have a crush on.  Maybe – just maybe you need more.  Well, then I give you Alex – Stuart’s brother.  While most brother’s give each other a beer mug with their name on it on their wedding day – Alex sang and played the piano for Stuart and Shannon.  Yeah, these people are over achievers.  So now you have to have a crush on him too because not only was it really a sweet gesture – it was really good.


Shannon and Stuart… wow.  I’m speechless.  (This doesn’t happen too often)  Roger and I both were amazed by your friends, your families, and the two of you.  Amazed and maybe jealous.  Because people like you don’t come around very often.  Your kindness and respectfulness to us was above and beyond anything we could have wished for and your love for one another was refreshing.  You complete one another so perfectly, and it was a privilege to have been the ones to have captured the beginning of your lives together.  We are honored to know you both.

Love, peace, and SPF,

The Doolin Daultons

Can’t get enough?  I don’t blame you… CLICK HERE for a slideshow of more photos!

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Shannon Ruwe - If only you two could see me now. I am sitting in a Barnes and Noble in Illinois grinning from ear to ear with tears streaming down my face. (Had to find the closest wifi possible from the highway). I don’t even have the words to describe how grateful I am to have met the two of you. You captured the best day of our lives so beautifully and so uniquely.. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am in awe of you both.

Eric Stuart Ruwe - Jill and Chris, my Son Stuart and his Beautiful Bride Shannon already know what I think about their Wedding. I have told them and everyone else I have seen these past three weeks that it was the Best Weekend of my Life! But now I want to tell both of you that you have captured Perfectly in Pictures these memories that I can now keep forever. You are Artists of the 1st Degree and I have NEVER seen such work. Once again, Shannon made the perfect decision when she contacted you and I agree that it was simply Fate! Thank you for capturing and perfectly displaying the Best Weekend of my Life. Are you available for Alex?………eric…….

Eric Stuart Ruwe - My Bad………early morning error! I saw the names Jill and Chris below your Blog comments and used those names instead of your real names KARIN and ROGER! Please forgive an old guy’s misty-eyed error……eric…..

T Bran - You got ALOT ALOT of shots on this one! Good work!!

Amanda - these are really beautiful!

Amanda Zika - Um, Karin, Roger, where the heck were you guys on my wedding day!?!? I don’t know how you guys do it but you do it with class, style, imagination and talent better than ANYONE else! This is why you are booked and well loved. Photography is not about the camera equiptment or your surroundings, etc. but about the talent behind the lens and I tell you what, you two are full of talent. I remember you talking about how cool this couple is and I can see why. Their eyes are filled with joy and hearts filled with wonderful emotion. Only the two of you could capture that 🙂 Mwah! Love you guys!

Stuart Ruwe (Groom) - Let me begin by saying how truly grateful I am to the Doolin’ Daultons!

I had always heard that your wedding day goes by so fast and if you blink you will miss it…those that said it couldn’t have been more spot on. The day flashed before my eyes in an instant and I am so thankful that the two of you were there to keep that day alive. Somehow you managed to capture my greatest day in a way I will be able to remember for a lifetime. This moment in time will be shared with friends and family for decades to come and we owe it to you. Please know that this day was incredible for Shannon and I and we are truly blessed to have these photos.

While all the photos were fabulous I must say I have one complaint. How are we ever going to narrow down these choices for our wedding album?? Seriously! They are all unbelievable.

**Little Doolin…Good lookin’ out Girl

clary - Awesome job capturing this couple!! Love the colors of the flowers:)

Alex Ruwe - Roger & Karin, these pictures are absolutely stunning. The two of you successfully captured Stuart and Shannon’s day of wedlock. They are now equipped with these perfect pieces of memorabilia that will remind them of just how they felt on that glorious day. Words cannot express our appreciation. I wish you the very best in your bright, bright future together. Live it up… -Alex Ruwe
P.s. Karin, thanks for the love and my own little feature above. You’re too kind.

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