Senior Marketing Pieces

Invigorating title, I know.  I’ve been known to swoon over marketing pieces.  I LOVE a good looking mailing piece, a well put together advertisement piece by a company, a commercial that makes me take notice… anything that well represents a company’s brand.  So yeah, I’m nerdy.  But I’m a nerd who has designed a completely new marketing piece for Seniors that I am REALLY proud of.  For those of you who do not know – making your own marketing piece is A LOT of work.  They make templates out there for those who aren’t able enough or crazy enough to design a piece from scratch themselves, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t use one of those.  I created the concept, the design, and the layout all on my own.  And while I am certain that this doesn’t revoke my nerd status – it does make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I felt even more warm and fuzzy after seeing with the intro Roger created for our DVDs that go with the marketing piece…

Isn’t he just the bomb?

It is senior session time and we are filling up quickly.  As a reminder – we only take a limited amount of sessions in order to keep looks fresh and unique and to be able to customize the session for each individual.  We’ll be filled up soon, so please don’t delay in contacting us for more info.  (The “more info” comes on this beautiful marketing piece mentioned above!  I wouldn’t blame you if you contacted solely for the purpose of seeing it’s beauty in person.  But please don’t, while beautiful they may be – cheap they are not!)

We’ve also made revisions to our pricing and our options, so please visit our website as well.

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Ashley Gwin - Beautiful! Is it weird that I want to have a baby sooner so you can do their senior pics?! haha 🙂

Laura Ranger - That is way too cool!! I’m almost a senior…can I get my pictures done? lol 🙂

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