Savanah & Josh

We’ve had some scary times in the Lou lately.  People are a little… different in certain areas.  The best spots for photos is sometimes the worst spots for safety.  After this last weekend, we will be rethinking where we ask our couples to roam around for great photos.  And roaming we have done.  If you don’t believe me, I have the blisters on my feet to prove it.  But this particular session makes it all worthwhile.  Savanah and Josh are SO ADORABLE.  And so fun.  It felt like Roger and I were hanging out with great friends as we walked up and down Washington Ave.  Their energy and vibrance is contagious!

I start with this photo because they look SO cute and SO happy, and there was SO a guy on crack doing a dance all around us when we took this photo.  Luckily they looked good because I was watching the guy making sure he didn’t touch my sweet new friends.




My angle.82

Roger’s angle.  Loving any angle of these two.321391622272

I saved my favorite for last.  Roger KNEW I was getting excited taking this photo.  He even said “Uh oh – were gonna be here awhile!” because the excitement was overwhelming.  I felt like I was shooting a add for a magazine.  I mean this is way too hot for words.  I believe it may even need to be on my wall… BIG.  I love it that much!102

Savanah and Josh, we are highly excited for your wedding next year!  We’ll bring the wine!

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Savanah - OMG I LOVE THEM!!! I cannot wait to see the rest!!

Amanda Zika - You are my favorite photog for this reason – look at how well you capture people! Seriously, gorgeous photos and gorgeous couple. Fabulous job girlie!

Dawn Devall - That pic is HOT! you go girl! I am loving all of them:

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