Savanah & Josh {Wedding Day}

Savanah and Josh must be old souls.  There is a calm about them and an easiness that rarely comes with a young couple.  Savanah is fairly quiet and sweetly shy, and Josh is so strong and supportive.  When these two are next to one another you feel a sense that they are home in one another’s arms.  There is no doubt how much these two adore one another – and I think it needs no explanation as to why.  Enjoy Savanah & Josh’s wedding day!Savanah has the most flawless skin and the most beautiful eye lashes.  J. EAL. OUS.Grooms – if you are at a loss regarding what to give your fiance on your wedding day as a gift… if it comes in this box – it will be perfect.Josh – you are an amazing man.  Handsome and caring and just plain nice.  I’m a fan.Stop. It.  Seriously, does it get any prettier?  Savanah – you couldn’t look bad in a photo if you tried!  You are STUNNING.  (and an angel.  I love your sweetness.)Roger captured the most amazing images of Savanah and Josh’s first glance.  It was by far some of my favorite images of the day.  WORKIN IT OUT!!!

Thank goodness for that first glance because a storm was brewing and ended up unleashing during the ceremony.  Had they not had a first glance we would have had no outdoor photos of their day.  (not that I’m trying to sell anyone on a first glance or anything.  wink wink.)  It did make for some dramatic photos at the Grand Basin where the two got engaged!!I’m telling you RIGHT now… this kid was into me.  I mean look at him giving me “the look”.  And with Roger right there!  Gutsy lil guy isn’t he.  Savanah & Josh – I ain’t mad atcha for making these indoor photos so sexy.
not mad one bit…My shot…Roger’s shot… he wins!Dear Mother Nature, When you rain on a wedding day I curse you.  Loudly.  But after the storm passes and you give a sunset like this one… you’re my bff.  xoxo, Karin

Savanah & Josh – you two compliment each other beautifully.  You truly bring out the best in one another and your happiness is palpable.  Roger and I loved everything about your day and are so thankful for the opportunity to know you.  Your lives will be filled with happiness and joy and we were honored to be there for the first day of your journey as husband and wife!!  Good luck in Chicago!!!

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Pam Newman - The pictures are beautiful!!! I am very proud of both of you.
Good Luck in your new life together with all of your new adventures.

Teresa Wisnasky - OMG!I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES!!
I am so proud of you both and the life you have made!
PERFECT match! I can’t wait to see the rest. You picked the best photograpers ever!!!!! ILYWAMH!!!!! You will always be my little girl though!!

Kari - Amazing pictures. Savanah, you look AMAZING. Josh, not so bad yourself 😉 I really think they did a fantastic job of capturing the magic of the day. Gorgeous.

Ashley - These are absolutely AMAZING! My favorites were the first sight photos. It made me cry when we were watching you out the window that day and it has made me cry again after seeing the photos. I am so glad that I got to be a part of your special day!

Angela - Love these! I am getting so excited for mine!!

star - i’m like your mother.tears are in my eyes and they are happy ones. you touched my soul with the love you show.beautiful pictures of beautiful people.a pretty day that will last forever.

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