Sarah + Josh {love story}

The moment she laid eyes on her brother’s friend, she thought he was a mega babe.  It was a mutual attraction, but being friends with Sarah’s brother AND the fact that she had a boyfriend kept Josh from ever letting her know how he felt.  They’d see one another from time to time and always enjoy the other’s company.  Flirting a little, but not too much.  Life took them different directions, but when they saw one another again at their college homecoming, they excitedly caught up on one another’s life and enjoyed reconnecting.  That following Monday, Sarah received a text from Josh asking her to be his date for a wedding.  With no boyfriend in the picture anymore, she figured “why not!?” and went for it!  After an amazing time with one another at the wedding, Josh sent Sarah a text stating he couldn’t wait to see her again.  From that moment on they were inseparable.

Josh purchased a home and the two had spent much of their time painting and fixing it up and making it “their’s”.  They decided on having a housewarming party on a weekend in March to celebrate with family and friends.  Sarah’s BFFs and family living a few hours north made it extra special for Sarah to have them there.  With Josh’s family and friends as well as Sarah’s, it was a joyful evening filled with food, cocktails, and merriment.  At one point, they were prodded to open their housewarming gifts.  Not a fan of opening gifts in front of people, Sarah reluctantly opened each gift as Josh sat at the other end of the table – a bit uninterested in opening any himself.  When she got to the final present, it was a HUGE box.  Each time she opened a box, there was another inside to open, and another…  When she got to the final box there was a gaudy, huge, fake diamond ring the size of her fist.  “You said you wanted a rock, right?” Josh laughed.  Unamused, Sarah felt embarrassed that perhaps she just got fake proposed to in front of family and friends.  But with that, Josh was down on one knee in front of everyone asking her to spend forever with him.  When she saw the real ring, and after taking it in she responded with “Holy cow!!  Of corse!!” and the rest of the evening was spent on cloud 9 toasting to their love and their future!

Sarah & Josh are planning a wedding for September 2015, and we are SO VERY excited to share a peek into their gorgeous engagement session!!  We can’t wait for their big day and a chance to see two amazing people promise forever!!  xoxo


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