Sarah + Brandon {wedding story}

If you remember back in May, we photographed the wedding of Cousin Jenna and Zach.  And I explained how Jenna wasn’t actually my nor Roger’s cousin, and the entire story of why we preface her name with “cousin”.  And the why stems back to Jenna’s sister, Sarah.  Or as we call her “Cousin Sarah”.  Cousin Sarah and I met back in 2009.  We instantly hit it off.  Fun, vibrant, exuberant… Sarah is a person you instantly feel could be your BFF.  When she met Roger, it was the same feeling.  They hit it off right away, and Sarah’s charm won him over instantly.  There will always be a special place in our hearts for the Sarah we’ve gotten to know and love.
Through the years, we’ve stayed good friends with Cousin Sarah and got to know Brandon as well.  Everyone adores Brandon and the two together are just lovable.  It’s as though you’ve known these two your entire life, and you can see that their love is a solid, long-lasting, best friends kind of love.  It isn’t flashy or for show, its authentic, true, lets grow old together love.
We headed up to Cullom IL for another wedding and were so excited to capture this wedding day.  It truly felt like attending one of your good friend’s wedding, we just brought our cameras.  The day was absolutely picture perfect, everything from the rehearsal to the last dance went off without a hitch, and the day was filled with happiness and love.  We are so excited to share Sarah and Brandon’s wedding day!!  Enjoy!



Does it get any more gorgeous than this?  I love the love between these sisters.

Cousin Sarah… I can’t look at your photos without feeling waves of happiness to call you my friend.  I always knew you’d be a stunning bride, but you seriously take my breath away.  Meow.

These girls together are just as sweet as it gets.

Brandon – you rocked that tux like a boss.  Handsome and such a caring person.  It’s no wonder why you stole Sarah’s heart all those years ago!


And I’m sorry, but there is nothing better than a man who loves his momma.


I loved that Sarah and Brandon’s wedding rocked the fall theme.  Fall is such a gorgeous time, and you really don’t need to do anything to it to make it more spectacular.  All of the pumpkins and crops used were grown by Sarah and Brandon, and all of their touches were heirlooms of family and friends.  It made for such a cozy, inviting setting.


Roger caught these completely similar exchanges between Brandon and his mom, and Sarah and her dad before walking down the aisle.  I just love these two images!!SB011SB012SB013SB014SB016SB015SB017

Roger and I both spied on these two after they walked down the aisle and had a moment to take in the fact that they were married.  My view through a door…


And Roger’s same view from the stairwell.


We headed to Brandon & Sarah’s farm for photos in between the ceremony and reception!!  Such a perfect setting for them, and eventually when they have the old farm house renovated, it will be so significant for them to be able to adorn their walls with the images of their wedding day taken at their very first home together.


How often do you see a blue barn to go perfectly with jean jackets and boots?  What a gem of a spot for photos!


How adorable is all of the reception decor!?!?


I believe Sarah and Brandon know how to love so well because they were taught how to love from their parents.  These two have incredible individuals to call mom and dad, and we were so taken with the way they all love one another so wholeheartedly.  There is an undeniable, incredible bond that they are so fortunate to share with their parents.


Cousin Sarah and Brandon – the fact that you have always said that we would be your wedding photographers one day, and that you kept that promise means the world to us.  We were so happy to have been able to witness your wedding day, let alone get the privilege of capturing it.  We love you, your friends, and your family so much, and we cherish being there for this day as much as we cherish you.  We can’t wait to be a part of your forever and watch your love throughout the years!  XOXO
There is plenty more to see of this incredible day!!  Check out Sarah and Brandon’s adorable video below!!

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