Sara & Ryan {Wedding Day}

Sarah & Ryan got married on one of those cold October days.  The air was crisp, cool, and luckily the sky wasn’t cloudy!  It was one of the very few days this October where we had sun.  We met Sarah & Ryan through a bridal show in Springfield early this year and they just happened to nab the last available date in 2009!  It was fate that they found us, because they have been a joy to get to know!  Enjoy their wedding!

BJ Grand Salon in Springfield is AMAZING.  There were about 2,000 brides there and wall to wall beautifying.  I must find an opportunity of my own to go there!



Sarah – you are so beautiful and precious.  You were absolutely stunning on your wedding day.03

Ryan… nice work.  You have a charming smile and personality.  And I must thank you for squatting down so I could get a good angle of you.  (Ryan is very tall.  VERRYY)04

Hello supermodel.  (Roger’s shot and one of my faves)05


These girls were the cutest bridesmaids around – and not scared to bring a little sass to the photo.  If anyone is looking for bridesmaids… these girls are the ones to have!09

And the boys – they brought some sass too.1011

Why yes Rog, I would like some sunflare.1618121419

Sarah & Ryan took dancing lessons and had a choreographed first dance.  And it was – amazing.  All the guests were so amazed with the suprise!  It was by far – the best first dance I’ve ever seen.  Very ala Dancing with the Stars.  Carrie Ann Inaba would have given it a 10. 20

I memorized all the steps and have been working tirelessly to teach Roger.  This particular move though –  puzzles me.212223

Sarah & Ryan – your families, your friends, your wedding day all were amazing and inviting.  The feel of the day was filled with love and celebration.  We felt like we’ve know you and your friends for years and hope to know you for years to come.  Best wishes for your marriage and lives!

OK – there is one more thing I must mention.  It would be a crime not to talk about this.  The “married guys”.  The guys that had Roger and I cracking up all afternoon and evening.  While these photos have absolutely no photographic merit… they must be shared simply for humor purposes.  Life is way to short not to enjoy these photos!

*Disclaimer* No person or jewelry was injured during the taking of these photos.  Starry-eyed Studios does not encourage smoking nor peeing or drinking in public.


I am not sure who was Starsky and who was Hutch, but the camera loves them both.25

Sorry Sarah – they are just too precious.

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Sarah - Karin and Roger! The pictures are absolutely A-Mazing!! You guys did such a great job! I esp. love the ones of the married men. The are HILARIOUS! What a fun day! I love how the ones of the first dance turned out too!! Thank so much for capturing all the fun and priceless moments! It is so fun to look back at the day! We can’t wait to see the rest! : )

Pamela - what a pretty wedding! i love the “married guys” shots. too funny!

Amanda Zika - I love, love, love this! I do have to admit that the Starsky and Hutch photos are my favorite 🙂

Betsy Matthew - AMAZING picture!!! I knew they would be incredible… but WOW!! I must say the pictures of my crazy husband are very fitting to his personality! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Dawn Devall - these are too fun!! I love the first dance ones! Actually I Love ALL of them:)

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