Sara & Josh {Wedding Day}

Sara and Josh are extremely busy people.  Probably the busiest we know.  So unfortunately they were not able to partake in an engagement session with us, so while we’d met when they booked us – it was so brief it was difficult to remember what they’d even looked like.  It was a VERY pleasant reminder when we walked in and Sara was getting ready.  She is ABSOLUTELY breathtaking.

Everyone knows I LOVE to photograph shoes – maybe even I’m a little obsessed.    Sara’s shoes had me at hello.  I’m not sure how she walked in them – but honestly it didn’t matter.  They were HOT.  And so was Sara.

Have you ever ridden in the Road Pony?  I have.  And it changed my life.  I’m not sure why anyone would use other forms of transportation really.  It’s RIDICULOUSLY fun.

Sara – you seriously are amazingly gorgeous.  Your beauty radiates.  (Do you like that I used the word radiates coupled with the photo of the flowers with the radiator?  Some times I’m so clever I seriously floor myself.  No one else necessarily… just me.)

Honestly… you were born to wear that tux Josh.  I know you have a pretty important career, and modeling for tuxedo companies might sound frivolous, but you totally could do it as a second job… if you wanted to.  

Roger’s shot and my MOST favorite of the day!!

You may have just wondered why we showed so many photos of the couple before the ceremony.  The reason for that is because they had an awesome timeline set up and after a first glance, we got to take all the fun photos before the ceremony.  We LOVE when couples opt for a first glance as it always gives them so many more opportunities for great photos, and allows the couple to get to enjoy more of their wedding day together!

Hello beautiful church!!

See the two church steepels off in the distance?  That is where Sara and Josh were wed just an hour or so prior to the photo.  Yeah, pretty coolio.

Sara & Josh – your wedding day was jaw dropping gorgeous and absolute perfection.  We can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of it.  You both were so laid back, your wedding party was a blast, and your families were SO nice.  You two are always so busy giving 110% to everything you set out to achieve, which we know is also the key aspect of your relationship that will provide years of happiness and love for the two of you.  You two are so blessed to have one another, and we were so honored to capture the beginning of your lives together.

Can’t get enough?  Be sure to watch this stellar slideshow for more of their amazing day!!

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Janelle - Gorgeous!! Seeing all these amazing photos makes me even more excited to see ours. The flowers were beautiful!

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