Sara & Jonathon’s Wedding

Sara was on a mission trip with her church in New Zealand.  She had no idea that on this trip she would meet the man she would marry.  Jonathon had no idea when he met this sweet girl from the United States that she would be his wife.  But after spending even a short amount of time together, they both knew they couldn’t live without one another.  So after traveling half way around the globe and moving to a new country, Jonathon married the woman of his dreams.

Don’t you hate those people who can slap some mascara on and look like a million bucks.  Well, it’s impossible to hate Sara, but it is feasible that you’d be jealous if you watched her get ready and how great she looks in the 2 minutes it took her.


This has no significance.  I just saw it at the salon and found it funny.


I have to give one HUGE shout out to our assistant Dawn.  She managed to catch some shots that blew me away.  Many of these shots are hers, including this one which I find beautiful.bb15

She also took this one of Jonathon that I find striking.  I could listen to Jonathon and his family talk all day long.  I love me an accent.  Dawn asked me “Do you think they have any idea how cool they are sounding” and I had to laugh because I was wondering at the same time if they realized how stupid I was sounding.bb14bb05

Uh yes, this photo is sexy in my opinion.  Thanks for asking.


I normally go a little OCD on bride’s shoes, but THIS time I think I was a little bizzerk over the boy’s.  These boys brought on the swagger with these HOT shoes.  (I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the word swagger by the way)


Some people like shots like this and request it, however I DON’T like posing this type of shot.  But when it happens naturally it gets the right look.  Way to go Dawn for capturing that split second wind gust!


OK, some people will feel me on this – some won’t.  But this is my favorite shot of the day.  Jonathon had 2 groomsmen and had he had more – this shot would have never looked this cool.  But I had those bridesmaids and the bride go chat in that “pocket” and man did it turn out awesome.  I hope you like it too!


For Maori (indigenous New Zealander’s) the Koru (swirl) is a symbol of new life.  When two Koru are combined it symbolizes the joining of two people or cultures.  (P.S. I’ll never tell how I got the swirl light on the table, but lets just say I am super crafty)


Jonathon – although you are loosing the beautiful landscape of New Zealand (seriously – from New Zealand to Illinois – it MUST be love) you are gaining much more in life.  The beauty of your love is more beautiful than any country side.  I’m so happy to see two people so deeply in love.  It was an honor to capture it!


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T Bran - Karin & team!!! What amazing photography once again! Man – was her dress gorgeous or what? Loved the shoe shots as well – perfect! My FAV shot was also the pocket shot you talked about, when I seen it on the animoto slide – I was like, OMG…..look what she captured! Way to go! Can’t wait til it’s my daughter’s (& Chet’s) big day and it’s her turn to get showcased thru your photographs. Amazing work!

Amanda Zika - I second everything she said! What a classic, elegant wedding. The bride is beyond stunning and she has this beautiful aura about her. You captured the spirit of their special day and I want to know which photos they pic to print BIG!!!! I would have every one of these hanging around my house canvas sized!!! Fabulous job Karin!!!! ~Amanda~

Dawn Devall - Karin!!! You are too nice! Thank YOU for giving me the opp to do these! You are AMAZING! and the best part, I laughed harder with you than I have with anyone in a LONG time! It def was a beautiful wedding, I know they will be forever thankful for the pics!!!

Trinity Ahie - Man thats awsum guys! Those are sum MEAN photos brotha! U look like tha man Jono! haha. And Sarah, gosh u look more beautiful than ever! You guys make an amazing couple. Im mega happy for u guys! Praying for u both! 😀

Lucy and Jody - WOW!! Such amazing photos, you both looked stunning..We’re lost for words! We miss and love you both xox

Renee Snell - Hey Jono and Sara 🙂
Mean photos! You guys looked great. All the best for the future in the U.S 🙂 Love Renee and Tim.

Danielle Wall - They are amazing photos. How special to have those as an amazing reminder of your special day. Congratulations again.

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