Samantha & Pat {love story}

It’s hard to pinpoint a certain place or a certain time when it all started.  High school is like that.  A pass in the hall, a longer look by the locker.  Neither knew if the other knew they existed, but definitely hoped maybe one day they’d actually meet.  Only one day they did meet.  In passing, but still not the right time.  Until next thing you know – it was the very right time – and after a exchange of numbers, the two have talked every single day since.  Samantha was 16 years old when she met her soul mate – how many are lucky enough to say that?

After 8 years, she knew he had a ring.  When you grow up with someone it’s hard to exactly keep secrets.  She didn’t care when it happened, as long as it was what he wanted and from the heart.  But when she got her hopes up a few times that it was going to actually happen and it didn’t, she might have gotten a little more impatient.  Low and behold, Pat did have a plan!  On a romantic evening in Chicago on top of the Hancock building overlooking the twinkling city lights, Pat  said  “I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment, but it’s been hard because every moment is perfect with you.”  He continued to pour his heart out and after many tears, and before many more – Pat asked Samantha to be his wife.  From that moment on, Samantha has felt complete.

The couple will be married this year at the Third Degree Glass Factory in St.Louis,

We enjoyed a beautiful day on Samantha’s birthday to do their engagement session!!  It was the most perfect day with them, and we are so excited to share a sneak peek with you!!!  ENjoy!!




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